FamilyBugs Blogging. How it started, why it exists.

I had my first two children twelve months apart. Then, my husband got a new job and we moved across the country. When I became pregnant with my third just six months later, it became apparent that if I worked outside the home, I would be working primarily to pay for the child care costs. So, I researched ways to make money from home.

Crochet Newborn Photo PropAbout two years ago (at this point in the story, from present day it was three years ago), a friend taught me the art of crochet. I wasn’t very good at it at the time but I really enjoyed it. So, I dived into the realm of selling online (you can check out my etsy.comΒ site if you are interested in hats of any kind and newborn photo props). There were pitfalls along the way, as there always will be, but I got good and fast at what I do.

I started this blog as a means to increase the awareness of my craft. Doing tons of research on blogging, I came across some advice that said if you really want a successful blog, you have to write some unique and helpful topics to your target audience. I thought “well, posting my next crochet project isn’t going to be helpful to anyone. No one is going to want to follow my blog!” Since I also want to monetize this blog (eventually), it was important to have followers. Somehow this blog developed into a “How to sell your hand made crafts“.

Lady bug
Ladybug cape and hat crocheted photo prop

I love being able to help other people in this way. My favorite posts are when I get to answer questions about selling crafts that I have been asked directly (just send me an email

As my youngest turned one recently, and my oldest is bordering three and one half years of age, I am finding I want to do more with them. Don’t really know how to explain that one. But, I have turned more to writing crochet patterns as of late (that’s where the Author part comes in). It is definitely more of a challenge then I expected but I enjoy this too (you can check out my pattern store on if you would mind). Once I publish a pattern, that’s it, I don’t have to do hardly anything else with it but watch the money roll in.

"Going Buggy" collection of crocheted hats
“Going Buggy” collection of crocheted hats

I don’t post on this blog as often as I would like. It helps to have a blog challenge to participate in to keep me accountable. But, seriously, I am balancing three children, keeping my house, writing patterns, selling crochet, writing blog posts, excersizing 30-40 minutes every day, other Christianly duties…life is pretty full and this blog (for the time being anyways) is last on my to-do lists every time. Hopefully as my children start school (oldest will be in pre-k in the fall), I will find my schedule start to open up a bit. Some of my dreams for this blog and my business can really take-off!



6 thoughts on “FamilyBugs Blogging. How it started, why it exists.

  1. You’ll be shocked when you realize how much more time you have once your kids all start school. I’ve been where you are; it’s HARD! My first two were fourteen months apart, then one two years later, and another eighteen months after that. My daughter wasn’t born until my youngest son started Kindergarten. She just started school in 2011. I don’t know what to do with myself most days πŸ™‚ But, it’s helped me realize my desire to write. You’ll be churning out massive quantities πŸ™‚ WRITE ON!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’ve got 12 months apart and 15 months apart, and it has definitely been a challenge. I also don’t have any family or other help any where close by, so it’s all me all the time. I do love it, and we cherish our me prices together, but I have dreams for myself too you know? I had a life before these kids and I am determined to have one after them as well πŸ™‚

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