The story of Family Bugs

IMG_4649I started my crochet business about a month before my third (and so far youngest) child was born.  The older two, at that time, were barely 2, and barely 1…so yes, I have managed irish triplets, a house, and my own home-run business.  That is how I know that you can do it too!

Family Bugs was started as a way for me to help out my husband without neglecting my job at home with our children (you can call me crunchy, or old fashioned, or stupid, or whatever, but I believe that a woman’s priority is to her house and her family, if she can do that while also working outside the home, well, I am VERY impressed!).  In the beginning, I crocheted hats and beanies.  That is probably still my favorite product to make: they are fast and pretty easy to fit properly.  Now I primarily do patterns, because once the pattern is written up, it doesn’t require anymore time or effort on my part.  In the past, I have also crocheted and sold flower hair clips, bow ties, newborn photo props, and scarfs.

I have done TONS of research in how to sell.  I have also tried a multitude of different processes and techniques to become a successful seller (some of them have been a bit costly).  Despite any of my early mistakes, I am a successful seller, selling finished products on 3 different websites, and patterns on 2 different ones.  All of this to say that I know a little bit of what I’m talking about and I want for all of you to be successful too, which is why I also write about what I know!

My business has been in existence for a little longer than a year.  Right now I am taking a break to spend some more time on my children (now aged 3.5, 2.5, and 1.5) and my Christianly duties, as well as some spring cleaning 😀  But I do plan on starting back in the fall once the oldest starts preschool, and when the youngest starts school in a few more years my business will probably explode!  It is exciting.

Todays blog post has been brought to you by the letter S – the story

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