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There are TONS of different ways that you can sell your crafty wares. How do you sort through it all and decide where to sell? Well, of course it is going to depend on your craft and personality but the first step in deciding is knowing what your options are.


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    Online.  There are a quadrillion different online marketplaces that you can go to sell your creations. Etsy is probably the most popular, but that also makes it the most competitive.  Artfire, ebay, amazon, just to name a few of the others.  There are also several different ways that you can sell online.  I like to do made-to-order, which is basically, I post up a picture of the product, and don’t make it until after the customer purchases it.  The customer can choose size, color, or any other little tidbit he may desire.  There is also ready-to-ship items, which is when you post the crafts after they have already been created, and the customer can see exactly what it looks like and receive it in a much more timely manner.

  • Craft fairs/shows/festivals.  This is a great option when you are wanting to get your business name out in the local atmosphere.  Many people do craft fairs along with some of the other options.  There is a prep-work involved in that you need to have a pretty large inventory made up and an effective display for your crafts.  It also might be difficult to locate these craft shows and then get in touch with the person or group hosting them.  Oftentimes, too, the show can be hit or miss as to the profit you may or may not gain depending on the audience, location, time of year…
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    English: Tryon Arts & Crafts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Retail/Wholesale.  Get in touch with a big craft store, and sell them some of your craft in bulk.  Three things to keep in mind with this option: 1. you won’t make as much profit, because the big store will want a considerable discount, 2. you need to have a pretty large selection made up (several of each size and color options), and 3. the branding and packaging of your product must already be perfected and efficient.

  • Consignment/boutique.  Sometimes you can get in touch with a consignment store or a boutique that might be interested in featuring some of your crafts (depending on what the craft is, of course).  This one would require some follow-up on your part.  Especially if you didn’t just sell your crafts straight to the shop owner, you will need to come back on a regular basis and see how your products are selling, and maybe providing more stock.
  • In home parties.  I don’t know how many people still do tupaware parties or usbourne book parties, but an in home craft party would be along the same lines.  You locate someone who is willing to host the party (they would need a pretty extensive hosting gift), and then you show off your craft, how it works, maybe share a little bit of how you do it.  Then, all of the guests have the option to purchase some of your crafts.


English: Crafts market in Lilongwe, Malawi.
English: Crafts market in Lilongwe, Malawi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


That is it in a nutshell: all of your options for selling your hand-made crafts.  Which one you decide to use, like I said before, is going to depend largely on your personal preferences, your specific craft, your target audience, and the amount of revenue you desire to generate.


Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letter M – market places!


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