Why to Pick your Niche, and 2 steps for doing just that.

Agra, India, street craft.
Agra, India, street craft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business. – J. Paul Getty


If you’ve been in the crafting industry for very long at all, you will know that it is extremely competitive. The online universe has made it so easy for any Joe to pick up some craft, create, and turn around and sell. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged. Well, there is a way to combat that discouragement and to rise above your competition! It starts with picking a niche.


  1. Pick one very specific something that you would like to sell and then exhaust all options with that one thing. Lets start with something big: which craft do you choose? Yes, you will reach a wider clientele if you sell scrap book layouts, and decoupaged necklaces, and crochet slippers, and hair bows. But those customers are going to be wondering, “what does this person make?” They will be confused. And yes, you will get sales doing that, but you really cant be competitive with that method. There is a saying “you can know a little bit about a lot of things, or a lot about few things”, so, pick one craft. Become an expert, take classes, learn techniques, know everything that you can about that craft.
  2. Then, bring it in even smaller and choose one item. Again, you COULD sell painted canvasses, painted beads, painted furniture. And you will get a few sales, but where will a potential customer go if he/she is looking for some thing very specific? Not to you. They will wonder “does this person know anything about the furniture that he paints?” I actually have two niches, I focus on newborn photo props and hats/beanies. There have been many times that I have had someone come to me and ask, “can you make ________?” Because they have seen that I have several products that are similar. Usually, my answer is yes, because I am good at what I do.  However, if a customer is looking for something very specific, and she sees that you have one item that is similar, but you also have several other items that are quite dissimilar, she might ask if you can make it, or she might continue her search for someone that she knows will be able to make it.  Is that a chance you want to take?
J. Paul Getty
J. Paul Getty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn a lot about one thing. It does take discipline and some self control though. I know I have been awful tempted to throw other products into my shop. I even gave in to that temptation once…it didn’t turn out too well for me. In some instances, throwing in a new type of product might lead to a change of niches. Maybe you discover that you like that product better and it sells at a faster and higher rate.  Once you do become an expert in that niche, you can then start throwing in other niche’s and expanding your shop.  Just make sure to take things slowly, become the best expert you can in one item before moving on to another 🙂 As always, have fun!!


I would love to hear about the different ways that you went about to chose which niche you make. And if you haven’t yet, do you even think it is all that important of a decision?


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