Utilizing Pinterest for your craft selling in 5 simple steps

English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hopefully, we are all on the same page with how important facebook is for your craft selling business. If we are still debating that idea, I highly recomend you check out this other post from me: Why facebook for your crafting wares. There are also blogs, and the incredible ways that THOSE can increase your craft selling. However, if you disagree with me there, then go check out this post from me: How can a Blog Increase your business?. Well, now I want to learn about pinterest, and I am asking that you join me in this endeavor.

Before you sigh with your complaining, “Another social networking site?” Lets just look at the stats.

  • Pinterest is now boasting 4 million users
  • There are 1.5 million unique visitors *every day*
  • Each visitor to Pinterest is spending over an hour at a time browsing through pins
  • 90% of these users are women

That is an awful lot of exposure that you could be giving your business! Maybe you are scratching your head now, and thinking “ok, this is worth at least looking into.” How about taking a step further and actually TRYING some of the methods I am going to post for you. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time (unless you also get sucked into the “magic” of Pinterest), and it is just so stinking easy! That’s right, I almost forgot to mention, using Pinterest is EASY!!

An example of what a pinterest board could look like
An example of what a pinterest board could look like

Before I go into my tips, let us just explore how Pinterest works. A quick definition of Pinterest – a virtual pin board that can help you plan a wedding, redecorate your home, or organize your favorite recipes. You have your boards, where you pin things that you like. Then you can also follow other people’s boards and pins. Picture to the right is one of my boards to give you a little idea as to how it works (It looks a little scant, but hey, I just started it! Click the picture to go straight to that board, feel free to follow me!). Alright, so, lets take some initiative and start working with pinterest to increase your business.

  1. Set up a Pinterest account solely for your business. Use an email address instead of your personal Facebook account. It is so easy to get distracted by what you are interested in on Pinterest, but this is specifically for your business, in order to grow your business. Try to stay focused.
  2. Create some boards that would be relevant to your customers, clients, or fellow crafters. I like to pick creative names, but not something too vague. For example, I have a board titled “Just good craft selling tips” (which I encourage you to follow). You obviously know what sort of pins are going to be there, but it isn’t your same old, “Selling Crafts”. I admit, it could probably use some creative tweaking, but I’m just getting started 🙂
  3. Pin relevant stuff. You can pin anything from a picture, to a blog post, or an etsy page. If there is an image on a web page, you can pin it. Make sure that you are grabbing material that is going to be relevant to your customers/clients. If you sell jewelry, for example, what sense does it make to have a pin thrown in with a free crochet pattern?
  4. Follow some relevant people. The people who you follow are going to show up in your “news feed” so to say. You are going to start seeing what they have pinned, and in turn have the option of repinning. So, for a jewelry maker, it. Would make sense to follow someone else’s board about jewelry displays or a board about different bead works or techniques.
  5. Create pinable content. Whatever platform you are using to sell your crafts, present it in a manner that is open to pins. What does this mean? There HAS to be an image. Don’t be afraid to pin your own content or products. It is encouraged.

Pinterest boards do show up in google searches. You can view these boards without logging into Pinterest, without even having a Pinterest account. I have heard of people who have grown their following, their business, their blogs, whatever to exponential rates by JUST using pinterest.  If you aren’t utilizing this *FREE* resource…I know, it is one more social networking site, but it’s also easy, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  You don’t have to worry about downloading and posting pictures, or scheduling posts, or keeping track of hashtags.  Try to look at it as a place where YOU are keeping all of your online resources organized and in order, and as an added incentive, you can also grow your business.

What are some ways that you have used Pinterest to grow your business?


3 thoughts on “Utilizing Pinterest for your craft selling in 5 simple steps

  1. I definitely don’t utilize Pinterest the way that I should. I am working on getting my other venues working better first (aka facebook and tumblr). I always feel awkward pinning my own things though. Also, I find following people to be rather difficult for whatever reason. I also can’t really figure out how to “search” within a specific category.

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