Is your craft relevant?

Celebration of Light
Celebration of Light (Photo credit: kslavin)


My first blogging contest to win $20.00 gift card starts today (January 22, 2013) and will end in three weeks (February 12,2013)


I get regular email updates from Michele Scism over at “Decisive Minds”. She specializes in blogging; how to increase traffic and earning money from a blog. The latest email I got from her was titled “Does Your Product Matter?” The post that she wrote ended up to being irrelevant to me, but the title really stuck out in my mind. I’ve been pondering that question for several days now because it is a very good question to ask.


So, I ask you, “Is your crafting relevant?” Not necessarily in the “I’m changing the world” kind of way. Obviously, we can’t all be selling TOMs. And of course your crafting is relevant to YOU, you like what you are making (hopefully), and you need the money that you are earning. But to everyone else in the world, or even to just a handful of people, are your crafts making a difference?


Well, I encourage each of you to blog about that topic. Come back here and leave a comment with the URL back to your blog post, and be entered for a chance to win a $20.00 gift card to either hobby lobby, Joann’s fabric, or wal-mart (obviously depending on where you live, and where you can purchase your crafting materials), winner does get to choose.


TOMS Shoes
TOMS Shoes (Photo credit: tjstaab)


Don’t have a blog? That’s fine, write a short paragraph in the comments section, and leave us the URL to your shop.


Share this opportunity with your friends, and don’t forget to hit that “like” button on your way out!





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