Mind-blowing Facebook marketing tip that you probably aren’t utilizing.

I recently attended a webinar hosted by Nathan from Heyo.com about the five Facebook mistakes that you are probably making. Now, I don’t want to recap on what he said in the webinar, because, well frankly, that would be a form of stealing. I don’t steal. There was one something in particular, however, that he did touch on that I thought was really cool and just HAVE to share it with you guys.

You ready for this? Well, you know how your Facebook business page has a timeline with events? You can totally utilize that to increase your conversion rates! That’s right! Go back in time, if you haven’t been utilizing this in the past, and plug in dates. Make sure to include website urls that are relevant, or pictures, or good content.

You can write about your first sale, and tag that client. Maybe a new product and link back to the place where it can be purchased. How about the date that you started the blog, or your online shop, and don’t forget the urls. I never even considered using these events and the idea that I could use this to increase conversion rates just blew my mind!

For more Facebook conversion tips, and information on how to earn more using your Facebook page, I highly recommend checking out the guys from Heyo.com. They offer some great products.


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