Don’t lose customers because of bad listings. 7 things that NEED to be included in an item description!

Online Stores, Inc. Logo
Online Stores, Inc. Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your potential buyer is looking for something, they type it in the search bar, they scroll through dozens or even hundreds of pictures looking for the perfect one. They click on your picture, and read the first two lines of your description. That’s it. Just the first two lines. Then, they either hit the back button or continue reading more. They get to the end of your description and one of two things will happen: that potential buyer clicks on the add to cart button, or navigates away from your product. So, the second most important thing to consider about your online shop (the first being photo quality) is your product description.

  1. Entice the customer. Those first few lines are super important. Make them colorful, exciting, captivating. That is your second chance to really capture that potential buyer (The first being the photograph). State the most important part of your product in the form of an advertisement. Appeal to the senses, and create a *need* in your customer.
  2. Gnomo online shop
    Gnomo online shop (Photo credit: álvarozarzuela)

    Size and dimensions. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to go looking for a hand bag of very specific size measurements and have to ASK the seller how big it is! Even if your clothing garments are labeled small, medium, large, everyone has a different idea of what size small really is. Be specific and me turn inches or centimeters.

  3. Materials used. Using recycled or organic materials can be an extra incentive for purchase. Some people are allergic to man made fibers or specific metals. I know that some online stores have a place designated for materials used, but it isn’t a bad idea to include them in the description as well.
  4. Creation process. Is it a hand-painted piece of furniture? Was the fabric imported specially from Hong Kong? Are the buttons sewn on, or hot glued? Answer these questions and you won’t have disappointed customers if they were expecting one thing and you deliver them another.
  5. Available colors and options. Some online stores also offer a separate are for this as well, but again, it isn’t a bad idea to include it here as well.
  6. Suggestions to pair products. If you have two or more listings that can go together, why not suggest this to the potential buyer? These gloves can be paired with a beautiful matching scarf, or this dress can be very flattering for your figure if paired with this belt. Don’t stop at just one sell, keep it going!
  7. URL link to see more! Maybe they weren’t interested in this specific item, but they want to know more about the stuff you make. Well, make it easy for them. Throw in the URL to a web page that talks about you. Bring them to your Facebook page: “Don’t forget to like my Facebook page to get a heads up on my next big deal!” It is ok to send the potential customer off site.

There is plenty of other information that you can include in your online item description.  Don’t forget to make it personal, add your own unique flare to it, and try to have fun. It is suggested that you write down 20 or so questions that you might have about your product if you were going to be buying it, and then answer those questions.  That’s a good idea too, i just can’t ever think of the questions to ask.



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