“The Plan” for another productive blogging year

It’s a new year, as has been discussed before. But that makes it a perfect time to reevaluate where I’ve been, where I want to go, and what I want to get accomplished for another year. This time last year, I was doing some serious struggling. I had just had my third baby, just started my crochet business, and had no clue how to go about living from day to day with all of my responsibilities. I didn’t take the time to establish a business plan. Lucky I was, that I was so unexpectedly successful in my business, because lack of a plan can be seriously harmful. So, lets get on to the things to look forward from me, and this blog, in the coming year.

  • Crafting an organizing binder. To be available for purchase in either PDF format that can be emailed and printed off at your own discretion, or a hard copy already printed and bound and ready for use.
  • Continued tips, advice, and suggestions about selling hand made crafts. I have said it before and I will say it many more times, selling hand made crafts is competitive and challenging. I will continue to offer what I have in the past to assist you in being competitive.
  • Creation of a mailing list. Anyone that signs up will receive exclusive offers and stay up to date on any new products or resources as they become available.
  • Self-hosting. That’s right, I am making plans to create a self-hosted blog. No more WordPress.com for this little blog 🙂
  • Competitions and Contest give-a-ways. I just love to reward my followers and readers and one way that I can do that is by hosting a competition (or four). I am thinking quarterly, but that is still in the works.
  • Guest blogging, both on this blog and me writing for other blogs. Anytime that I can feature someone else is a win-win for everyone, and wrirting for other people can only increase the awareness of this blog.
  • Well, there is an abbreviated list of what to expect from me this year. For my own records there are dates and deadlines and goals to meet along the way, but you would probably find all of that super boring 😛 some big and exciting things are coming, and all of it is to benefit and help you, my fellow craft seller 🙂 so, if you think of something that you would like to see from me, just let me know and I will be more than happy to work it in the plan. The year is just starting, there is plenty of time to be flexible with “the plan”!


    2 thoughts on ““The Plan” for another productive blogging year

    1. I like the new look of your blog! Looks good.
      Your list sound reasonable and exciting. Much luck for your success.
      I should probably make a list for my own business and see exactly what I want to achieve this year….

      1. Thank you so much. I haven’t decided about this new look just yet. I think that having your goals written out will help with setting yourself productive deadlines and giving your customers or followers something to look forward to. But I don’t think it is necessary either.

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