What will I do this year?

My business is crochet and I will make hats and photo props. I’ll sell my products online at etsy.com/shops/familybugs.

My business is how to sell handmade crafts and I will be making and providing resources and how-to’s to help you sell too. I will be selling my products online through this blog and on Etsy.

This blog started off as a compliment to my crochet works, but as I kept writing, I found that not only did I more enjoy writing about how to sell, but I was being a lot more helpful to a larger base of people. Dozens, Naye hundreds, well probably tens of thousands of people sell hand made crafts. It can be very challenging, from knowing where to sell, to how to price your goods, and that’s all of the obvious stuff. What about the nitty gritty of book keeping, or staying organized, shipping issues…it can get overwhelming very quickly.

This coming year, I have a lot of ideas and plans to provide resources to you, to help you on your selling journey. Sometimes it will be a quick “10 tips to stay organized”, or I might endorse another blog (there are hundreds), and I am hoping to have my own helpful selling products to offer for purchase as well.

My experience in selling comes from my crochet products and patterns, and I also have plans to increase that business. So, I try to blog about every craft in a general sense, but I often focus on crochet, because that is where my personal experience is.

I love answering questions anyone may have about how to sell, and I love trying new things out. I do a lot of research, and I am hopeful that we can all enjoy each others little tidbits as the new year comes upon us with new and exciting opportunities 🙂


Please leave a reply and let the world know what you think!

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