Incorporating God into your crafting talent

Your ability to craft is a God given talent that not everyone possesses. Crafting may seem like a simple task to you, and you may be really good at every craft you set your hands to, but a lot of people just can’t figure it out. Even more people have no desire to even try. It is sort of like how some people can just run fast, or not everyone is cut out for professional football.

Colossians 3:17 “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”

Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:12-28 tell a story about a master who gives three of his slaves some money. While this story is specifically talking about money and investing it to make more, it can easily be applied to talents or abilities. Using the abilities that God has given us to create more opportunities to glorify Him and hopefully, bring more souls to His kingdom.

So, someone posed the question to me recently of “how can I use my crafting talent to further the work of the gospel?” And this is a very excellent question, indeed! There are several different ways that someone could use in talking to customers or other vendors that would give God all the glory. Of course, these are just a few that I have used, and they work with my personality.  Different personalities might come up with different, and even better, methods than the ones I have listed below.  Also keep in mind that I have only tried these a few times and haven’t received enough response to say whether they were favorable or not.

  • Always stress the idea that your products are result of a God given talent. Just using the word “God” is going to spark curiosity and hopefully generate some questions from your customers.
  • There is always going to be someone out there who thinks your products are cute, and who are going to tell you so.  Just answer them with “Thank you, this is definitely a God-given talent”, or in a similar way.  It might generate an interesting conversation.
  • Your business is a blessing from God. In general, I always try to stay away from the word “luck”, there is no bad or good luck, and no one is lucky or unlucky. If someone says “your lucky to be able to do this to earn some money”, it is simple to reply, “it is a *blessing* that God has given me this opportunity, yes!”
  • Keep in mind that you probably won’t get any further with a customer than a polite conversation and planting little seeds into their minds.
  • When approaching other sellers, try aiming for a long term plan. Exchange information, like their Facebook page when they have one, and check back in with them on a regular basis. Establish a relationship. Once you have that professional relationship, you can continue to mention God, and blessings, and other spiritual matters.
  • By letting others know where you stand, and your opinion of spiritual matters, you are opening doors and planting seeds.  In a few circumstances, these people will come back to you with questions to discuss about God and other spiritual matters.

The idea of God and His role in our lives can be a very touchy topic. I understand that a lot of people will not agree with this post, and I am not writing it to receive a lot of controversy or spark debates and arguments.  We are told in the bible how God increased the work of Joseph to favorable terms, and of Daniel, and King David when he was just a boy, just to name a few examples.  I am a strong believer that God still works very actively in our every day life, and if you disagree, please, hold your tongue and your disagreement.


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