The illnesses and cures of a small business

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Sitting here, at 3:00 in the blessed AM, with a vomiting little girl, and my mind glances over illnesses for crafting businesses. Probably not the most pleasant thing you could think of, but hey, it is 3:00 in the morning over here and pleasant isn’t exactly on my mind. That is what was going on when I started this post. That was a Monday morning. Tuesday my son had the sickness, Wednessday I changed the baby’s crib set three times in the course of the day, Thursday (Turkey day btw), me and my husband had the illness, and Friday (today) rolls around and it seems we are all, FINALLY on the mend.

We shall start with the basic symptoms. These, may occur by themselves or in any mix of combinations.

  • Fever – an overall achiness. I think it would be the business equivalent of an overall displeasure in your business, what you are doing and where you are currently at in your business.
  • Headache – this can range all the way from a little annoyance to a debilitating pain. All of the things in your business that you don’t enjoy. From the bookkeeping, maybe the packaging, or the purchasing of materials. It is stuff that needs to get done. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Nauseousness – queasy feeling in your gut that may result in vomiting. This is the equivalent to self-doubt. You make a big decision, but aren’t sure if it is the right decision. These feelings may result in changing your decision.
  • Lethargy or listlessness – lack of motivation. Can result from any number of reasons: lack of proper nutrition (or positive reinforcement) or maybe lack of proper excersizing (creation of products or productive activities).

Then things start to get a bit more complicated as the symptoms start combining to form full blown illnesses.

  • Chicken pox – Little itchy dots covering every surface area. In the business world, this could be anything that keeps popping up as a distraction and therefore a deterrent. Something that constantly keeps you from being your most efficient. It has to be something that you find obnoxious and annoying (like the itching), so maybe lack of good Internet connection, or being unable to purchase the proper materials…
  • Flu – lasting between 1-2 weeks, involving fever and sometimes nauseousness. Mostly just a severe case of the head cold.
  • Mono – also known as the kissing disease. This illness occurs when someone else comes along and starts planting doubts, or discouragements. That other person doesn’t want you to succeed, and they want you to not want to succeed.

Thankfully, there are cures, vaccinations, and medicine for all of these “diseases”.

  • Tylenol/Ibuprofen – A simple, and short term pain killer. When some sort of high energy motivation bursts into your life. Maybe you go to a seminar, or talk to an enthusiastic coworker (or someone else who crafts).
  • Cocktail shots – a real “kick in the pants”…something happens to makes you realize that you are sick. This something may change your perspective, or it may just alert you to what has been wrong and now you can change it.
  • Time – I know that this isn’t the most preferred option, but for a lot of illnesses, you just gotta wait it out in all of its misery. Sometimes a break is in order. Take some time for yourself, step away from your business, let your mind be consumed with other things.

I am sure that there are dozens of other illnesses and symptoms that all of my readers can think of. I encourage you all to add to these lists by commenting below!


3 thoughts on “The illnesses and cures of a small business

  1. I think I am suffering from Chicken Pox with a case of nauseousness and lethargy, and this post was my cocktail shot cure. Hopefully, I’ll be over it soon. Maybe after the holidays, when I am done knitting/crocheting for other people, my motivation/energy will be restored.

    1. The holidays can be very stressful. I mean, you want to make things for friends, and still trying to hit holiday sales and create your own sales and specials…
      You’ll get there, I am sure!

      1. Thank you! šŸ˜€ I am thinking of doing a “care package” to donate to my mom’s job as a holiday raffle prize. I just have to figure out how soon it is. A few dishcloths and pot holders shouldn’t take too long to whip up.

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