Craft related injuries

Everyone who has been crafting for any length of time is bound to have an interesting tale of an injury caused by such crafting. I mean, seriously, you are working with scissors, exacto knives, hot glue, wood burner, laminator, needles, various machines…and let’s face it, accidents happen.

My injury is in the form of two horrid scars on my fingers. See, back when I was younger, in my early teen years, long before I really started crafting, I was helping a friend. We were hanging some leaves onto the wall by use of a high temp hot glue gun. Two big globs drizzled down the wall and landed. One glob landed in a snake-like form on my left thumb, and the other landed in a glob on my right ring finger. Of course I ran straight to some cold water and immediately peeled the glue off of my ring finger, which also pulled the skin off. The glue on that finger burned my skin straight through to the muscle underneath (or, I guess it would be the ligaments because there isn’t any muscles in your fingers). I regained a little bit of my sense at this point and didn’t peel the glue off of my thumb. Once the glue had cooled and hardened, it was carefully removed from my thumb, leaving the skin intact.

My friend had an Aloe plant and she proceeded to cut a leaf and spread the excretion on my burns. I don’t really know if it helped all that much, but I still thought it was pretty cool. Within an hour, I had a ginormous puss blister (in the shape of a snake) on my thumb. Couldn’t bend my thumb even if I had wanted to. Since there wasn’t any skin left on my ring finger, it was just watering onto a bandage, nothing too special there. However, at that point, I was convinced that I would never be able to wear a ring on that finger.

About ten years later, I sit here writing this story, I still have the scars, and I am wearing one of my mothers rings on my right ring finger. I don’t use high temp glue guns anymore. Every single time that I am working with hot glue I burn myself in some manner. Even though it is a low temp gun, and doesn’t even leave a mark, it still hurts like the dickens. I have coined the phrase “you aren’t really working with hot glue unless you burn yourself”.

What is your story? Common, everyone has one. My mother put a needle *through* her finger. My husband even, hot glued his eyebrow. We most certainly would love to hear your story!


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