3 Reasons to continually Grow your business

You ever read another blog post and think: “ooh, that’s really good. I need to write something similar for my own blog!” Well, today’s blog post is brought to you by the inspiration of Kaye Dennan and her recent blog post: Don’t get all comfortable in that home business.

My son was born at 7 lbs and 13 oz. he was a pretty large baby. However, at his four month check-up, when he should’ve weighed somewhere in the 14 lb vicinity, he was measured at only 9 lbs and 4 oz. developmentally, he was hitting all of his milestones: holding his head up, sleeping through the night, babbling, rolling over, almost sitting up on his own…but because of his lack of growth, he was admitted into the hospital. After three days of testing and monitoring, it was discovered that I was unknowingly starving him. So, I made the hardest decision that any “crunchy Mom” has to make and started him on formula (I also happened to be 4 weeks pregnant). So, now that he was getting the food that he needed, his growth continued and he hit a comfortable percentile of 25 (I have two other children now, and while they are all born pretty large, they end up being pretty small kids).

His lack of moving forward with his growth had everyone concerned, and he was, actually, growing backwards as a result.  My question to you is: Why must your business continue to grow forever upward and onward?

  1. The competition is forever growing.  That’s right, with more and more people starting up home businesses every day, the competition continues to get harder to wade through.  Add to that the existing businesses that are continuing to work hard to get better and grow.  You need to keep up.
  2. A continued existence.  Eventually, you might get to the point where you are happy with where you business is at: There are just enough sales for you to keep up with, you aren’t super overwhelmed with too many orders, and are kept busy enough.  The longer you go without being active, the more likely a potential customer will consider you inactive and look for someone else to buy from.
  3. Changing trends.  Owls are the new black this season, but they’ve been around for a while and next season it might be hedgehogs, or guinea pigs, or cows.  Being outdated and old fashioned is going to lose you sales.  Keeping in mind that there is a difference between out dated and vintage or antique.  You gotta stay on top of what’s popular…maybe even setting your own trend.

Moving forward and creating new products and keeping current clients interested while also bringing in new clients.  Starting a home business isn’t easy, and neither is maintaining one.  Just like a shark that will drown if it doesn’t keep swimming, or the story of my son, you have to keep improving, updating, and creating new products for your business.


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5 thoughts on “3 Reasons to continually Grow your business

  1. Good one Sarah. Thanks for linking. Another reason that businesses go backwards is because when they don’t move forwards you become bored and then guess what, demotivated, then backwards.

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