6 *free* and simple ways to advertise your crafting business

Do you find yourself in a rut?  Been running circles around yourself trying to set your crafting business apart from the catrillion others out there?  If you have ever even *considered* purchasing a paid advertisement in any form, this blog is definitely for you!  There are several different ways that you can “advertise” your crafting that is free (or REALLY cheap).

1. Social Media.  Yes, go ahead and set up a facebook page that goes with your business.  Bring in the social media, start working on your following/fan base.  Let your *friends and family* know that you are selling something.  Set up a blog…write about what you are doing, participate in forums.  Create a pinterest board for your inspiration, of your blog, or even with some of your products on it.  Tweet when you have a new product up.  Do NOT underestimate these free platforms.

2. Word of mouth.  Tell people what you do.  I’m a bit timid about this one, because “what if they reject me?”  Or even “I’ll have to talk to them about what I do.”  And yes, they might not be too partial about your products, but the chances are even higher that they will LOVE what you do, and tell their own friends about you, and bring in sales.  Also, if you are exited about your work, because you need to be if you are going to be selling it, then you’ll talk to them anyways.  Here’s an easy phrase to commit to memory, “I sell ________, and here’s my website, you should check me out. I bet you’d like it!”  You don’t have to have a business card, maybe write your information down on index cards and have them handy.  If you tell people, they tell others, and pretty soon a lot of people know about what you make.  I’ve had people, whom I just met, tell me that so-and-so referred them to my website, and they simply adore what I make.  It will get you noticed.

3. List new items on a regular basis.  Either on facebook, your website, etsy, whatever outlet you are using, use it!  This lets people know that you are still around and aren’t some abandoned site that’s been neglected for days, weeks, or even months.  Listing new items also throws your site to the top of the list, so it is among the first to be noticed.

4. If it applies, wear your product.  As you get compliments, let people know, “yeah thanks, I totally made it.  I could make you one too!”  Give them your information.

5. Gift/donate your product.  This one will cut into your profits a bit, but it’s worked wonders for me.  Be passionate about your craft, gift it for christmas, birthday, just because.  This gets your product out there, and lets people know that you love it enough to give to others, as well as educates about the quality of your work.  Chances are pretty high, that these people will come to your shop to make purchases of their own.  BONUS: Post on your social media sites that you are donating for a charity (I donate a lot of stuff to Lions and an adoption assistant), customers eat that stuff up!  They love it, and they will want to support that.

6. Include tags/stickers on your product.  People forget things.  It can’t be helped.  Make things a bit easier on your consumers by including tags or stickers that have all of your information on it.  As it applies, include your brand, size, logo, website, contact information.

These are just the easy ways to advertise your craft and get your name out there.  A few of the paid methods would include, but are definitely not limited to: Google adwords, Facebook advertisement, Etsy search ads…
Let me know if there are any other ways to *freely* advertise your crafting products that maybe I forgot.  Also, would love to hear how those methods listed above have helped you!



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