Craft Selling Organization Binder sneak-peak

Almost randomly I came up with this idea to create some pdf printables, that you can purchase (or already-put-together binders), to keep everything about your little craft selling business organized and in one place.  I have been doing some brainstorming, and some planning, and I have some news regarding this to share with you guys!

The following pages are being worked on

  • 12 month calendar for keeping track of deadlines and orders
  • To-do lists (daily, weekly, quarterly)
  • Social media updates (facebook and twitter are the ones that I am most familiar with)
  • Blogging ideas
  • Business Analysis worksheets (4 of them to be completed quarterly)
  • Spreadsheet for keeping the books
  • Long-term and Short-term goals lists
  • Marketing and Advertisement ideas
  • Shopping lists

Obviously some of these pages are going to be blank templates that you will have to fill out according to your own specific business, but there are also lots of ideas and suggestions and brainstorming ideas being thrown around too.  I am going to ask again: Is there anything about selling crafts that you have trouble keeping track of?  Comment below, and I will be sure to include a page for it in the binder!

I am hoping to have my first four designs/themes available in mid December so that you can get ready for the new year in style!



5 thoughts on “Craft Selling Organization Binder sneak-peak

  1. I’m glad you’re getting this done! I feel this is something that I need to do especially when I start doing fairs and shows. I guess my question would be: how do you keep track of everything you sell online AND craft fairs? Actually, when you have sales, where do you keep track of everything you sold?

    1. That is an excellent question, Brittany! One that I think deserves its own post.

      Short answer: it’s going to depend on your personal style. Most of my online products are made-to-order after they are purchased. So, when someone purchases it, I write it down on a spreadsheet, keeping track of how much they paid, the site fees, and what shipping cost. A craft show HAS to be ready made products, so before you even go to the show, you have your inventory written down. As it sales, you just cross it off your list.

      1. I know, it’s such a lengthy question to be asking in a comment section XD. I haven’t sold anything yet, but I am trying to make sure things are in order before things get “out of hand”. How do you easily keep track of inventory if you have a lot of items?

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