Craft Selling Organization Binder

Have a craft selling business? Have trouble keeping organized and on top of everything that you do with that? Fear not, my beloved reader. Coming in December is a downloadable workbook (or ebook) to solve all of these problems!

This will be available in a few different fun, and cute, and functional varieties! Included in these workbooks will be the following:

  • Monthly Productions calendar for setting deadlines for new products, and keeping track of current orders.
  • Book keeping spreadsheet, for maintaining profits versus spending.
  • Blogging calendar, along with blogging ideas for a 2-4 times a week posting regime.
  • Marketing and Advertising schedule, along with suggestions.
  • Weekly Social Media schedules (including Facebook and Twitter).
  • Long term and short term goals checklist.
  • Quarterly Self analysis worksheet.
  • All can be contained in a handy dandy 3 ring binder with dividers. Empty spaces are aplenty to allow for that little personalized touch of YOUR own pace and creativity. There will be enough supplies to manage 12 months of craft selling craziness!

    Is there something about selling crafts that you are struggling to remember and stay on top of that I forgot to list? Add it in the comment section below, and I will throw it in the binder! More information about this will be coming your way in November!!!


    6 thoughts on “Craft Selling Organization Binder

    1. Sounds pretty cool. I just picked up a planner for my business the other day, since I’ve never been really good at planning ahead, setting real goals and pinpointing the steps to get there. I’m only on the first day of planned things, but so far, I’m keeping up with it. And as I think of things to add, I just add them in. Working 40+ hrs/wk at the paying job is getting in the way of the business, tho. LOL

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