My Followers – (21) UBC Oct 2012

Official emblem of the Sociedad Científica de ...
Official emblem of the Sociedad Científica de Estudiantes de Medicina (SOCIEM UNA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every so often (about quarterly), I like to go back and say a specific hello to my followers.  This blog would be positively useless without them, and so I just MUST send a shout out to all of them.  (All links will take you to that person’s available sites, feel free to click and check it out!)


I’m going to start this list off with BeYourBrilliance which is just so stocked full of advice and inspiration and encouragement to everyone!  I really love this particular blog and highly recommend checking her out!


Candy Hill is a photographer and she does pretty excellent work too.  She blogs about nature and also has some pretty good tips for beginning photographers.


From gravatar is Murathefilm following me.  I as not able to get any personal links back to this person, but a huge thanks for following me nonetheless!


Helping individuals and businesses get started online by providing budget friendly solutions to build online visibility to gain new customers/clients and get more sales is mzjme.


Cathy’s Voice (whom I also follow) has her own webpage, wordpress blog, Twitter and facebook page.  She’s got this social media thing in the bag! 😀


Working on a series of some pretty clever vampire books (called flatlined) is flatlinerbooks. And definitely, go check out this youtube video that will want you to know the indepth story of her book!


Sara Duggan from MomWithAHook has some very excellent resources available for crochet sellers (like myself).  I always enjoy seeing what she’s working on too!


Attila Ovari…Because I don’t want to belittle the work over there that he is doing, I just encourage you to check out his Gravatar which will direct you to his facebook, twitter, blog, (TWO) websites, and linkd in pages!


Wordpress, Technorati, GBC stickers
WordPress, Technorati, GBC stickers (Photo credit: Titanas)


Also following me from Gravatar is Make1000.  Much thanks for the love!


JustinaWei has this adorable little blog about fashion, make up, and her lifestyle.  She includes LOTS of pictures which make for an easy and quick read, and some of them are just too stinking cute!


For the spanish speakers out there (or people who really LOVE cute crafts based on food), I recommend Cute Treats Blog.


If your looking for something that I know all of us can find useful, Try checking out JustDan93‘s blog about economics! Because, let’s face it, we are ALL impacted by the economic circumstances of the U.S.


Shout out to the professional Journalist, Mazhar!  Which, I definitely laughed at his profile picture…LOVE IT!


Debbie is a 55 year old grandmother who just recently started selling her knit and crochet works.  She makes some pretty swave products that you should definitely at least go look at from her ETSY shop.


I think the name of SimplePolitiks is pretty much self-explanatory.  They are an independent political blog writing about the plain and simple issues of politics.


Then there is the rather impressive AlbertomonarMusic who is a 20 yr old composer, multi-instramentalist, and singer. To get an idea of his talent, go check out his BLOG which features videos and other information about his work!


CharmCityCreativeDesigns has some really NEAT repurposed products available in her ETSY store.  If you are looking for Christmas presents for someone and are at a a loss of what to give them…well…give her shop a once-over before you start panicking!


Gravatar Sicoblog Pugno Rosso
Gravatar Sicoblog Pugno Rosso (Photo credit: Sicos)


Another photographer, and also hiker, that is following this blog is Patrick Latter.  He has some pretty gorgeous nature photos that he takes while on his hikes.


Arminta has a cute little personal blog about her life and pretty cute twins (a boy and a girl), and if you have children, can totally relate!


Crochet Missy is a girl after my own heart.  I recommend checking out her Gravatar where she has her blog, pinterest, ravelry, and etsy page all linked.


MrHipps is an artist who designs websites, business logos, part time DJ, AND he’s still in school finishing his degrees (impressive, no?).  He also has a blog that is worth glancing over.


Another writer, Chris Martin has a serial story, One Mysterious Night, ran for ten weeks in both the Kingsport TN and West Australian newspapers. While employed full-time as a Help Desk Analyst with DaVita Healthcare, and volunteering with an inner city youth ministry in Charlotte NC called One7, he is also working on several novels.


Noted designer and community advocate Alicia Sheerwood is a force all on her own, and continues to prove this as she announces the launch of her new Graphic Design studio, ARIAL SPACE. With 8 years of experience, Sheerwood is embarking on the scene with true zest to help people take their business to the next level through the presence of great design.


Shannon A Thompson  is yet another author that I am proud to name among my followers!  Although I haven’t read anything about what she writes, I’m sure it’s worth checking out.




Cathy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


GoodRiverGallery creates jewelery and other little beads.  Hannah Rosner and David Louis offer a diverse display of original jewelry items, individual beads and beaded sculpture.


Martha L Shaw is a self-taught artist and crafter, and has this quaint little blog that’s also worth your time.


AntiquabarbudaGirl has a youtube channel about beauty and how-to’s of fashion.


One of my favorite authors that I’ve gotten a chance to really know is Jo Michaels.  She does such an excellent job marketing and advertising her products. I really wish that I was able to contribute to her work.


Le Zoe Musings has a nice little blog about being a wife, a mommy, and a creator.  That’s one very full plate there (I should know, that’s about what I do).


Also among my followers is LostCreekPublishing, which again, is a pretty self-explanatory title.


Sager has what looks like a personal blog over at s568307. Still can’t tell as he seems to be pretty new to the blogosphere (go send him a welcome!)


And my most recent follower goes to StitchedUpMamma who has (TWO) blogs, and an etsy shop where she sells some really quaint products that would make for some very unique gifts!


I just want to say thank you to all of my incredible followers and readers.  Like I stated above, this blog would be *nothing* without all of you guys 🙂  I also have a few email subscribers whom wont be listed because I don’t have any other information about them except for their email address, which needs to remain personal and out of the eye of the public.


And because this particular post is meant to highlight and showcase my followers and not me, I’m not even going to include my website and facebook links today.




2 thoughts on “My Followers – (21) UBC Oct 2012

    1. I just think that it makes sense. Without readers and followers a blog is useless, and letting each of my followers know, on an individual basis, that they make my blog what it is…I think it’s important not to get lost in the crowd, and this is one way that I can show that.

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