8 tips on HOW to blog about crafts!

Two women knitters with blogs, holding up thei...
Two women knitters with blogs, holding up their knitting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Quite a while ago I had a post about WHY to blog about crafts (which you can read HERE).  I realized recently that it needs a follow-up of HOW to blog about crafts.  I mean, sure, you are convinced from that other post that you do, indeed, need a blog, but are completely clueless as to what and how to blog about your craft.


  1. Talk about your craft. That’s an easy one, right? It’s also a great place to start. Just write about the awesome craft that you do. Talk about how you got started with the craft, did someone teach you, what’s your favorite method.  Make it personal.  Use the pronoun “I” and “Me”.
  2. Use pictures. Got a work in progress (or WIP), take and post pictures of it.  Talk about what process you are using.  Don’t be afraid to say that you are scrapping a recent wip for whatever reason. Give your readers a look into your studio or work space.  Don’t worry if it isn’t super cleaned or organized, that’s what makes you a true crafter! Throw up a picture of yourself being silly with one of your products.  Add some of your personality to the mix.
  3. Create tutorials or patterns.  Pick one of your “easy” products, and write up an easy tutorial for readers to follow along with. Readers just LOVE these things.  They like to know that even if they never will, they *can* be just as crafty as you are.
  4. Engage your readers and commenters. End each blog post with some sort of engaging question or call to action.  And always always always respond to commenters.  I mean, seriously, we all love to know that what we say is being read and makes a difference.  Ideally, you should respond to the comments with equally thought-out statements, but even just saying “thanks for the comment” lets your readers know that you do care.
  5. Include Credentials. Not everything that you post has to be 100% original to you.  Sometimes I like to throw up some inspirational blogs or crafts.  I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, these make for some excellent filler articles.  BUT, you have to give credit where credit is due.  Even if you can’t find the original source (which pinterest is great about losing sources), saying that you got the inspiration from someone else actually makes you more credible and likeable.
  6. Crafts for Fun and Profit 7
    Crafts for Fun and Profit 7 (Photo credit: sallysetsforth)

    Blog new posts regularly.  I’m not talking about every day…that’s a bit much even for the seasoned blogger.  A few people manage to blog a new post every day, but that isn’t necessary. 2-3 new posts a week is ideal for building up a solid readership.

  7. Guest bloggers. This could mean that you go find someone who will publish your post, or you find someone to write a post for you.  It brings in a ton of new readers and possibly followers.  Ideally, you find guest bloggers that also blog about a similar craft (or a complimentary one), and likewise when finding a blog to guest on.  And just for heads up, this blog that you are reading right now totally *LOVES* to do both (feel free to send me an email at familybugs@gmail.com, whether your looking for a guest blogger, or want to be a guest blogger)!
  8. Be active in the blogosphere.  Whether this means that you read and comment on a few other blogs that you really like, get involved in online forums…whatever, this is going to give you an awesome network to work with, and help get your little blog out there to a few other readers as well. You can’t just expect for everyone else to love your blog without loving other people’s blogs.  It’s a two way street.


There isn’t a bad reason for blogging about your craft.  It’s great for increasing awareness about you and your crafting, and definitely helps in the branding process.  Want to add something to this list?  Go ahead and leave a comment!  And don’t forget to like and share this with your friends!




6 thoughts on “8 tips on HOW to blog about crafts!

  1. I just received a lot of these tips for general blog keeping. But, this one is great! It’s craft blog specific (which I am). I’d love to have guest bloggers eventually, but, being a new blogger, I’d feel super awkward about asking someone to guest post right now.

    1. No way! I think that’d be an awesome way to increase your followship (yes, I just made that word up). You could at least interview some successful crafters…but for sure, you could be a guest blogger. I don’t know a whole lot of people who would turn THAT down 😛

      1. Haha! I know it shouldn’t be awkward, but for whatever reason, I’m not sure where to start. I think once I develop more of a presence (building blog content, being more active with the blogs I follow, etc) then I would love to start having guest posts! It’s definitely something I want to do in the future. Also, I love the word followship! XD

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