Confessions of a hook-a-holic

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am addicted to crochet.

Crocheted Feather and Fan Afghan
Crocheted Feather and Fan Afghan (Photo credit: dani0010)

It all started about two years ago, a friend got a bunch of people together and taught all of us to crochet.  She taught us the basics of chaining and single crochet.  From there, I got on youtube and taught myself.

At first I was very frustrated with the craft.  Had a really hard time figuring it out.  Couldn’t manage to hold my hook and yarn in a comfortable fashion.  My hands would cramp up after just 30 minutes.

But, I stuck with it.  I made some oversized booties for a friend who just had a baby (didn’t finish them, because they were ridiculously large), attempted to make myself a sweater (making squares with a teeny hook (E size I think), which I also didn’t finish because it was taking FOREVER).  Spent about two weeks learning different basic stitches, and how the craft really worked. Then, I started making a blanket for my husband.  A Mario blanket, which I was really excited about.  I didn’t finish that either. Of those first several products that I started, I did manage to finish two of them: both little newborn dresses for my unborn child.

Then, shortly before my daughter was born, after wracking my brain for ways that I could financially help my little family without actually getting a “job”, I decided to sell. That began that task of figuring out how to sell, what would sell, who would buy. TONS of research went into my business.

English: crochet hook & green acrylic yarn
English: crochet hook & green acrylic yarn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started on facebook, got a business page, and invited my friends.  Spent several weeks working up some different hats and flowers, posted an album of pictures, and made a few sales.  It was exciting, and that is when I got hooked!

At first, I couldn’t decide what I was going to sell.  I wanted to make it all: Scarfs, Hats, Gloves, Sweaters, Booties, Bibs, Blankets. I’m really not sure how I finally did choose my niche. I mostly enjoyed making hats, because they were simple and fast and were easy to change-up. I had a friend ask me about newborn photo props, and those were pretty fun to make too, because well…I don’t reckon there is an exact reason why I enjoy doing photo props, I just do.

Shortly after I started up my etsy shop, I realized that I was addicted. My brain was always thinking of new items that I could make, new color combinations…I couldn’t turn it off.

Now, it is physically impossible for me to just sit and watch television with my husband, or to watch a movie with my children. Sitting while being a mental zombie is a perfect time to crank out 2-3 hats. Especially because by now, I have all of my patterns memorized.  You want a newborn hat? I’ll just pull out my J sized hook, 14 double crochet in a magic circle, increase for two rows, and do 4 rows of straight double crochet.  I recite in my head J, 14, 2, 4. Similar combinations run through my dreams: Adult is K, 16, 6, 7.

hat making--another batch.

I crocheted my children’s halloween costumes, I now design patterns, I can whip up any item that you can think of, without hardly thinking myself.  I mostly don’t use anyone else’s patterns and completely make-up my own. Any time that I can sit down, I have a hook in one hand and some yarn in the other.  I even crocheted this awesome little necklace to hold my hook, scissors, and stitch markers.  There just isn’t much that can settle my body down after a long day of dealing with children much like putting knots in a string can.

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am addicted to crochet.

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