Is your business “growing up” too quickly?

I want to encourage my children to be independent, and to grow up on pace with their peers, I also don’t want them to grow up too quickly. When my youngest was born, I had this dream and desire to exclusively breast feed her for 12 months.  I know it’s possible, I personally know many women who have accomplished such a feat (my mother being among them).  She’s 10 months old now, and I’ve had to start her on solid foods (call it a mother’s intuition…she needed solids).  While my heart is breaking because my baby will soon not be a “baby” anymore, I know that it is also good for her to grow up.  I’m sure you are wondering where the application is…stick with me, I’m getting there! When it comes to your business, are you forcing it to grow too quickly, not letting it grow at its own pace, or have you found the happy mix?

Is your business “growing up” too quickly? Maybe you are getting more orders put through than you can fill, there are clients that you just have to turn down, you often feel completely overwhelmed with the current work load.  There is just no way to get the resources for selling because you cant afford them or can’t seem to order them fast enough.  It’s really great that you are so successful!  However, these are all signs that your business has “grown up” too quickly.  You cant keep the supply up with the demand, compromises start to be made as your focus changes from quality to quantity. Don’t get too discouraged though, you don’t have to keep up this overwhelming pace, you can slow business down (go read THIS post). Go back to the point when you were in control.  Unlike a child who, once learns how to walk cannot and will not go back to a time of just crawling, your business can go back to its infancy.

Is your business still just a baby? There is lots of down time, which is any length of period when you have idle hands.  You maybe struggle with the idea of “what can I make now?” Depending on your reason and purpose for selling, you might like the slow business, it might be ideal for your business to be a bit slower. However, if you want to be really successful with selling crafts, your business has to keep growing as you are able to execute things.  Try introducing new product lines. Start giving customers options. Try a new venue. Market your product. Don’t be afraid of advertisement.  Turn around and reinvest your profit into your business, upgrade where you can.

Have you found a comfortable pace of growth? Keeping in mind that there is only so much that one person can do, have you reached your limit?  If you do find yourself going over your limit from time to time, don’t be afraid of back-tracking.  If you just can’t stand the idea of remaining stagnant, why not consider hiring someone to help you along.  This might take some creative ingenuity when it comes to selling hand-made crafts, but if you really want to, I’m sure you can figure out a way to do it all.

Wherever your business is, if you are comfortable with where it is, that’s PERFECT. If you ever become un-comfortable with where it is, you can always change it up.  Do something different, slow down the pace, speed up the pace.

Do you have a story that you’d like to share about how your business was either not growing fast enough or growing too fast and what you did to change it?  Leave a comment below!


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