MomPreneuers, I tip my hat to you!

I have three small children (barely 3, barely 2, and 10 months) Things can get a little crazy in our little corner of the world sometimes. My husband preaches, and his schedule is flexible at best, unpredictable at worst. My house is almost constantly in some form of disaray. But, you want to know something, I’m ok with that. Not saying that I live like a slob and some of those hoarders that you see…merely that I have come to terms with the idea that children = messes, and messes < stress. However, that is not the point behind this particular blog (that is an entirely different rant altogether).

English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco.
English: Double Stuf Oreos, by Nabisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My point of this post is to tip my hat off to the mompreneuer. There is an idea floating around on social media right now, and I’ve seen several variations, but one of my favorites says “Trying to clean your house when children are home is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos“. If you have children, of any age, I’m sure that you can understand. Although, with much patience and practice, you can teach your children to help with housework, but as they get older there are also more responsibilities and obligations to bat around.

Apart from the regular stresses and work of being a full-time mother (being available 24/7, no sick days, no vacations, all overtime, being a referee, a nurse, a teacher, a therapist, a cheaufer, a secretary, an organizer…need I really continue with this list?), the mompreneuer must also balance her business: the creation, the selling, the shipping…AND if this Mom also works full time (or home schools her children)…it can get VERY overwhelming VERY quickly. I know that I will go for several days at a time with my stress meter staying on full, and all three of my kids still take a simultaneous long nap during the day.

I remember seeing another quote a few years ago that said something to the degree of “a mother will spend four times as long accomplishing something than a “normal person””. I actually timed myself one day…just how long did it take for me to get dressed and ready for the day? WITH the kids all being right on top of me, it took about thirty minutes for me (and this isn’t including make-up, hair, shoes, and accessories). Now, doing the exact same thing, except with the kids being occupied by their father, took 15 minutes (with make-up, hair, and shoes). Amazing, right?

Crafty Games Logo

Crafty Games Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, lets take into consideration your little crafting business. Chances are pretty high that you work with small pieces, maybe toxic materials, definitely something that is potentially messy (I really couldn’t tell you how many skeins of yarn my darling children have tangled into an almost irrepairable mess, or how many crochet hooks I’ve had to replace in the past year). So, apart from the challenge of just finding the time to craft, you also have to calculate in the time to pull out all of your crafting supplies, keeping an eye on the clock, and giving yourself plenty of time to clean it all up before little hands can wreak their havoc.

Mompreneuers have tricks. Oh, we have our little quirks to keep materials under control and to stay organized with our time and availability. Some of us have a better handle on this than others of us. So, I call upon you, Mrs. Crafty Mom! Do you have an exceptionally frustrating story of how your kids have clashed with your business? Or maybe a really neat trick for quick clean-up? Just comment below to let us know all about it!!



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