Power of WE – Blog Action Day 2012

Today, is a Blog Action Day.  A day that is chosen for every blogger of every type of niche and every writing style in every country with every number of followers to post a blog about one topic.  How can so many different people write about the same thing? I’m sure that it is a challenge for many, but this year, with the topic being The Power of We, and so many different direction this can be taken in, I imagine many enlightening, educational, entertaining, and wonderful posts.

The Power of We is a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world, either for their own communities or for people they will never meet half way around he world.

In the beginning, someone decided they would sell their hand-made crafts.  There is no way to track who this person was, or how they got started, or the trials and challenges that they had to overcome.  After all, in the very beginning, that is the only job that existed: people would sell clay pots that they had churned, wooden furniture that they had built, pretty dresses that they had sewn, and etc.  There was the one who gathered the clay, the one who spun the clay, the one who fired the pots, the one who painted the pots, the one who sold the pots, and the one who enjoyed the pots.  Sometimes this was all done by the same person, but as the economy developed, these jobs were split up and all of these jobs were given to different people, and each of these people contributed to the creation and the selling of clay pots: The Power of We.  The same can be said of your little craft.  Someone somewhere creates the material, ships the material to the store, sells you the material.  You make the craft, and sell it through another vendor (websites don’t run themselves).  This is The Power of We.  Then, there is the abundance of support and help that craft sellers offer to each other.  We buy from each other, we respect the hard work that goes into the creation of each product, we answer each other’s questions, and share our resources.

It is definitely not a 1-person marketplace.  “There is no I in team”, and it takes a team of people, sometimes scattered across the world, to create and sell hand-crafted products.  THAT, is The Power of We at work.  That is several people coming together, each contributing in some way, to create something wonderful, and something powerful.  There is no small part to be played, as every detail works together in majestic ways.

COULD you do it all yourself: Probably.  I’ve heard of people who raise sheep, sheer their sheep, spin their own fiber, dye the yarn, knit the sweaters, and sell their sweaters in their own shops.  Is that reasonable for all but a handful of people in the world? Most definitely not!  The Power of We, the power of a few individuals coming together to accomplish great things!

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