5 Tips to manage Holiday sales

Holidays are a crazy and hectic time of the year for everyone.  You want to purchase or make presents for everyone that you have ever known, trying to balance your own responsibilities, managing a time to visit family and close friends, realizing that if you want to celebrate the holidays with just your little family it is going to take some back bending…It is very insane for a lot of different reasons.  Added on top of that, if you sell some of your handmade creations, you will most likely see a ginormous boom in orders and purchases.  This is sort of a two-fold blessing/curse.  Blessing in the idea of having more spending money on your own shopping list, cursing because creating can take away precious time and energy from what you would rather be doing.

penguin, reindeer, snowman, santa, elf, gingerbread man, gingerbread woman crochet hatsThis time last year, I was just starting up my little craft selling business AND giving birth to my youngest daughter.  Yes, I crocheted orders while I was in the hospital in labor…don’t ask me how I did it, looking back I’m not quite sure (especially because I *wasn’t allowed* to use an ounce of medication)…but I did.  I don’t necessarily recommend doing that because it was pretty stressful.  There is a very simple way to manage all of your responsibilities without stressing out and still having time to do what you want to do during the holiday season.

  1. PRIORITIZE. Decide beforehand the order of importance to you. If fulfilling orders is more important to you than traveling cross state to see your in-laws…that is between you and your in-laws. Have this figured out before you hit the chaotic rush.
  2. Set a CUT-OFF date. Again, decide this before-hand. When is the last date that you will accept an order for the holidays?  Keep in mind that everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas on December 25th (but Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty set in stone).  Communicate VERY clearly *ahead of time* that if someone wants an order *before* December 25th, they will have to put the order through by whatever date.
  3. Don’t be afraid to MAKE COMPROMISES.  If someone decides at the last moment that they want to put an order through after your cut-off date, they might be willing to pay extra.  Would that be worth it to you?  How important do you value sleep and rest?  Can you craft while visiting with someone else?
  4. DELEGATE when possible.  Bring in some help.  Maybe you can get your spouse to help with the house-work, or one of your children can make dinner.
  5. PROS and CONS.  With every decision that you can ever make in your life there is a set of pros and cons.   Write it out, figure it out, know what you are going to do in a situation before it comes up.

There is no set way to handle any situation that might come up during this holiday season.  Remember that this is your little business and you can run it in whatever way that suits you.  I would just highly recommend being reasonable and fair (Reasonably fair) to your customers as they can make or break future business dealings for you.  The holidays can offer unique and amazing opportunities for your little business, however, they can also bring unwanted stress and too much work if you aren’t careful.  I hope that these little tips help you out, and if you’d like to add anything to my lists, please, just leave a comment 🙂


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