I’m talking to YOU – (10) UBC Oct 2012


English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.
English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We’ve all seen some variation of the poster from Uncle Sam saying “I want You!”  Well, it’s true, I do want you.  This blog would be absolutely nothing without you incredible readers.  BUT, how many of you read post after post and never comment or share anything?  That, my friend, is what us bloggers like to call a lurker.  So, here is my call to ask you to STOP lurking and taking a step forward to comment!!


Today, I want to celebrate all of your lurkers.  I also want to exhort each and every one of you to muster the strength and the bravery to click on that comment button and end the deafening silence!  If you do choose to leave a comment below, don’t think of it as a favor to me, but as a favor to everyone else and all of the other readers out there.  As much as I enjoy and get a thrill from every comment i receive, there are many comments that are added just because other comments preceded them.


It’s really really easy, all you have to do is follow these few steps to stop being a lurker (if you so choose) and to actively participate!  It really can’t hurt you any, and most certainly would benefit all the more.


  1. If you are reading this in a feed reader, an email message, or a syndicated blog post somewhere, click HERE to visit the actual post.
  2. Find the comment section (which is at the bottom) and type something in.
  3. Leave your name so that I and others will know who you are.
  4. Go ahead and add in your own address (your own blog, your facebook, your website) so that I and others can click on over and find out more about you!
  5. If you use twitter, feel free to include your Identification.
  6. Type in whatever you would like to: how long you’ve been an avid reader, what you do for a living, what sort of craft you sell, what venue you use for selling (online, etsy, ebay, facebook, consignment, whole sale, craft show).


don’t be shy, I know that you can do it…choose to stop lurking TODAY!





6 thoughts on “I’m talking to YOU – (10) UBC Oct 2012

  1. It would be interesting to see how successful this call to action turns out to be. Do you mind if I use this idea on my FB page and/or blog? Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ha ha – love it….I’m just happy if people read a post of mine….guess I figure like me if they are interested in what I have written and they have something to say they will….otherwise if it doesn’t interest them they will remain quiet….mind you I will say that some blogs nearly make it impossible to comment as you have to jump through so many hoops to write a comment that you just give up and stop attempting to write on there

    1. Very good points and I must confess that I agree. Lets just call this post an experiment of sorts. It’s proving to be quite an interesting experiment, and there has been more of a response then I would have thought. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter!

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