Rest is always important – (8) UBC Oct 2012


Koala sleeping on a tree top
Koala sleeping on a tree top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you work yourself hard enough for long enough you are 100% guaranteed to get sick. It might just be an annoying head cold that you can still work through, or a full blown flu that leaves you bed ridden for up to a week, or could even be worse! It’s just a fact of life. Your body simply cannot run without proper rest.


It can be impossibly difficult to get the rest that you need sometimes. Maybe you have children and a house to take care of, a full time job, a few pets to walk and feed and clean, extra activities, socialization, entertainment, things that need to get done, and then things that you want to do. Maybe there is some special event that takes a lot out of you for an extended period of time (planning and organizing an event is a perfect example thereof). You know, life happens, sometimes you can’t slow it down, just know that eventually, your body is going to force you to slow down and it won’t be pleasant.


Experts say that the average adult needs 8 hours of sleep every night. Keeping in mind that is an average, so there are people who need less and some who will need more (personally, I function best on 10-11 hours of sleep). When you sleep, your body reaches an absolute state of relaxation. Your body recovers from the day’s exertion and recharges. Failing to sleep long enough is not giving your body enough time to regenerate.


Apart from sleep, there is also rest. A few moments in your day to take a break from the craziness is sort of like taking a cat-nap. Rests can create short bursts of energy, and recharge your mentality to leave you better equipped to face more stresses. Sometimes. This might come in the form of a lunch or dinner break. Just changing your current activity can often times help in refocusing your attention.





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