DIY crochet craft fair booth – last minutes


As with every big event there are going to be some things that just have to wait until the last minute to be completed.  No matter how far before-hand that you get everything made, you are going to have to go back and finish up these last minutes.  On top of the last minutes, it is always a good idea to double check, and even triple check, that you have everything in tip top shape and ready to go.  Have your check-list written up and readily available.  You seriously do not want to forget anything huge.  Especially if you are doing your show completely by yourself (like I was), and you can’t count on someone else to understand your chicken-scratch.  Figure out what needs to get done before the big day as far as getting things made and gathering everything together.  Do whatever you have to in order to create as simple a process as possible for you AND your customers.  Don’t forget to always smile and be polite 🙂


English: A local vendor discusses a photograph...
English: A local vendor discusses a photographic product with interested customers during the craft fair held at Ferry Landing, Sept. 7. – JTF Guantanamo photo by Army Spc. April de Armas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The checklist


  • The products that you have made.  Keep them all in one place, package them safely, as they await the big day.
  • The inventory of the products that you have made.  How many of each product do you have?  What colors and sizes are available for each product?
  • Everything needed for your display.  Write down the details so you wont forget.
  • Signs, pricing tags, basic information.  Put a pricing tag on EVERY product.  I discovered that having one big sign is often overlooked as the customer flips a product over and around looking for the pricing information.
  • Business cards.  Yes, these are a must.  It gets your name, brand, and company out there and in the eye of the public.  Also, you can use these to bring in yet more customers and possibly future orders (I gave several business cards to customers who wanted to get something for a baby but either didn’t know what gender that baby is going to be, or just couldn’t decide which specific product they wanted).
  • Custom order forms.  Don’t count on getting a whole lot of these, but they are always a good idea to have on hand.
  • Know how to use your credit card machine.  My plan was to use my husband’s ipad in conjuncture with his iphone generated internet.  It didn’t work so well for me, plan B was to just use his phone which did work.
  • Have a plan B.


A table of knitting and crochet
A table of knitting and crochet (Photo credit: Grant Neufeld)


Before the big day


  • Practice your booth display.  Even if you’ve done this a thousand times before, it would still be a good idea to run through where everything sets up and how long it takes you to set up.
  • Arrive on location as early as you can to ensure plenty of time for set-up.
  • Have lots of change: 1s and 5s, and if any of your products are priced to cents, make sure you have some quarters, pennies, and nickels ready to go.


Don’t be afraid of change


  • Depending on where your booth is located and next to whom you are by, you might end up changing everything around.  I did a 180 swap of my display and angled it differently so to grab more attention and to work with the people who were beside and behind me.
  • Have a plan B, C, and maybe even a D.
  • Work WITH your customers.  If you see them rifling among your products, go up to them and talk to them.  Start off with a “Hi, may I
    help you with something?”
  • If you notice half way through the show that one of your displays just isn’t working, try taking it down, rearranging it, change it in some way.  Even if the change doesn’t work, just messing with it might attract someone’s attention. laugh together laugh together (Photo credit: Thai Jasmine (…Smile..))


Good things to keep in mind


  • Up-sale.  My husband’s advice that I didn’t follow was to always shoot for the up-sale.  In my situation, if they were looking at a hat, and wanting to buy it, I should’ve pointed them towards my flower clips with a “One of these flower clips could really make this a super cute hat!  And look, they are only $1.50.”
  • Smile.
  • Be personal.  If someone has tried on one of your products, and is debating getting it, speak to them about it “that is so cute!  Really brings out your eye-color.”  Or, “what a cute little boy!  This would look so adorable on him.”
  • If you are going to be sitting, have a place that is out of the way and inconspicuous but at the same time, don’t hide and pretend like you aren’t there.  Don’t hover over your customers as they look at your products, and don’t ignore them either.  There’s a comfort range that you should figure out.
  • Make things as easy on yourself as possible.  Something that I failed to do when creating my display was to also create a space for me.  There wasn’t somewhere that I could set my stuff down (calculator, cash box, order forms, inventory), and there were a few times when I had to rifle through my pockets to find the appropriate change.


Just a bit of my personal advice that comes from what I learned from my first show.  If there is anything that you would like to add, I most certainly would love to hear it…I have read that every show is going to be different and sometimes it is successful and sometimes it isn’t.  Doesn’t mean that you are a failure or a flop.  With my luck, this first show of mine was the best that I will ever do, but I am hopeful that I learned a lot from this first show and can turn around and do even better the next time!



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