DIY crochet craft fair booth — Hat Displays


After doing a TON of research and not finding a good idea for a hat display already in existence, I decided to wrack my little brain.  Because the main product that I sell is hats, it was very important for me to be able to display my little crochet hats in a way that wasn’t just thrown flat on a table.  I think it would be fine to have your hats layered on the table (or shelf) if you have other products that can be displayed vertically, but I did not.  I actually have two different lines of hats: variegated beanies, and earflaps, and I wanted to be able to display each of these a bit differently, so here is my tutorial for these two different hat displays.

The first one that I wanted to tutorial for you is the Variagated beanies.  Sadly, I did not take pictures of my process, but it is pretty simple.

  1. Scrap wood.  I went dumpster diving one day and found quite a bit of wood that people were throwing out.  I grabbed it all up.  Among that scrap wood was some shelving that had been broken.  So, this wood was flat and square-ish in shape. I’m sure that you could use some ply-wood to the same effect.
  2. Shape it up.  Here is the fun part!  Pull out the power tools and even out the edges.  I wanted each of my pieces to be the same size, but it would probably look really cool to make some rectangular, vertical or horizontal, different sizes, etc.  Maybe next time I will make these a bit larger.
  3. Fabric.  Hot glue some fabric on these puppies.  Originally I had wanted to get some purple flannel (would create more friction), but I wasn’t able to find any.  I had to settle for just cotton, which ended up working just as well.
  4. Stands.  More scrap wood to the rescue here! Small rectangular pieces of wood that I just super glued straight to the back.  I positioned these right in the center of the backs to give a bit of lean, you could make them as straight or as leaned as you would like.  You could even do each of them differently.
  5. That’s it!  I know, right?  And as you can see from the picture to the right it works pretty well.  I just press my little hats on it, and they don’t go anywhere!

The second hat stand, you could probably find quite a few tutorials online, it’s a rather popular one.  I liked this for the earflap hats because it showcases the earflaps and tassel braids a bit more.

  1. Scrap wood.  Once again, if you have the funds then I’m sure it’d be just as great to purchase some 2X4’s, I don’t have the funds, so I went dumpster diving.  OR, if you have a very handy-man husband who just happens to keep wood lying around.  Yeah, I don’t have one of those either 😛
  2. Dowel Rods.  You can get a long dowel rod at Wal-mart, or probably any craft store or home improvement store for super cheap.  Cut them however long that you want/need them.  This would depend on where you want your hats to sit.  If they are going to be sitting on the floor, you might want a longer length.
  3. Drill holes.  Power tool time again!  Drill some holes in your scrap wood that is the same circumference as your dowel rods.
  4. Glue!  Pour some wood/super/hot glue into the holes you just drilled and jam in the dowel rods. You might want to use a hammer to make sure that the dowel rods are good and jammed in there.  You don’t want them being pulled out as you swap the hat that sits on top of it.
  5. Balls.  I used styrofoam balls merely because I didn’t have the funds to get wooden ones.  Wooden balls would be more permanent, smoother (eliminating the snag factor), and albeit a bit more work.  For a wooden ball, you would have to drill a hole in it, and jam the other end of the dowel rod.  I just punched the dowel rod through the styrofoam ball and slabbed on some hot glue to keep it from wriggling around.
  6. Paint.  Last step is to paint it all whatever colors your using.  The balls don’t have to be painted because your hat is going to be covering it up, I painted mine to keep the styrofoam from falling off all over the place as hats go on and off of it.

Two relatively simple (and possibly low budget) hat display tutorials for any one to use!  I do apologize for the blurry pictures, that is my practice display taken from our rather over-crowded garage and I had a difficult time getting any pictures at all. I hope that this was relatively simple for you to follow, and that you have as much fun making yours as I did…after all, when is a power tool NOT a good time?

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5 thoughts on “DIY crochet craft fair booth — Hat Displays

  1. That was fun to read. I can just picture you with the saw and hot glue gun really getting down to business. Your ideas seemed to work well for displaying the hats.

  2. YES! thank you so much this is the perfect solution i have been looking for! i make big, bulky, silly animal hoods and displaying them on a table is a nightmare- and this will hardly cost a penny- amazing 🙂

    1. I live in small town TX, there are two craft shows held in my town every year, one in October and one in December. So, I cannot speak to the effectiveness of offering hats and winter gear during the hotter months. It may be wiser, however, to create other things: flowers, garlands, stuffed animals, barefoot thongs, jewelry, maybe swimsuit cover-ups, and the such.

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