(1)Ultimate Blog Challenge (Oct. 2012)




Quarterly, that is, every three months, Michele and Michelle host an Ultimate Blog Challenge (Or boost your blog challenge, I think is the same thing).  This will be my fourth time participating, second and a half with this particular blog, and sadly I have only managed to finish once.  Also sadly, this challenge was suppose to have started the first of October and I am already three days behind (today being the fourth).




October's Palette
October’s Palette (Photo credit: dibytes)


I have been extraordinarily stressed out the past two months, having reached the peak this last week, and finally see things started to clear up a bit for this coming month.  SO, as for this blog challenge, what can you expect out of me?




  • As always, I write about tips, advice, suggestions, topics, or other tidbits on selling handmade crafts either online or in a physical store front.  You can definitely expect to see more about that!
  • I will be continuing to write more on some series that are ongoing: DIY crochet craft fair, and For the crafter.  The first one has two more posts, and is full of tutorials about getting started with your own display at a craft show.  The second one also has two more posts, and focuses specifically on different crafts (painting, sewing, needlework, etc.) with definitions, marketing tips, blog topics, and ideas of products to sell.
  • Holidays are right around the corner, you can probably bet on a revisit of some old posts about selling for the holidays.
  • Personal stories about my crochet selling experience!


I am quite hopeful, even with my late start, that I can finish up this blog challenge!  31 posts in 31 days…which means that there will be a few days in there where I will have to post twice…so stick with me.  I might throw in a post about my kids halloween costumes (which will be a mix of crochet and sewing, and just creative wardrobe functioning’s, I’m kinda excited about the idea floating around in my noggin).  Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a fun-packed month!

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2 thoughts on “(1)Ultimate Blog Challenge (Oct. 2012)

  1. Sarah,
    Love your creations! Saw the photos on your Facebook Page – everything is adorable! Makes me miss the days when my 3 girls were little (all grown up now at 16,18 and 21).
    As far as the Blog Challenge goes, it’s a major accomplishment just to participate, no matter how many posts you write. I started last year and have yet to write all 31 posts in one month…but I know that my blogs (and my writing) are better each time I join the challenge!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

    1. I agree about participating in the blog challenge being an accomplishment, and that your writing increases as you continue to write. Very good reminder 🙂

      And thanks for the compliment, I definitely enjoy creating, and I most thoroughly love making wondering creations for other people 😀

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