DIY crochet craft fair booth — Name tag


Continuing on our series of a DIY crochet craft fair booth, we come to the idea of creating and having a name tag.  This is apart and different from your business card in that you *wear* it on your shirt/blouse/jacket, to let customers know what your name is and with what booth you are part of.  Now, I admit it would be super easy to go out and purchase on of those plastic cases that you can just slip a piece of paper in and be done…but where is the fun and creativity in that?!  Here is a quick and easy tutorial to create your own name tag pin/magnet.

The first thing to get is a base of some sort.  You can probably use one big something, or I used a few small somethings.  Styrofoam, card stock, foam, I used wood shapes. An idea that just popped into my head…You could even use the letter shapes to spell it all out.  It might be a bit big too honking big for you to wear…but could make for a pretty unique little desk stand.

Crochet craft fair booth

Then you decorate the shape(s) in whatever color scheme you are using.  I’m going back to the purple color.  For the wood shapes, you can either use acrylic paint, or decoupage it like I did.  To decoupage…

  1. crochet craft show tablePaint a thin layer of elmer’s glue (or modpodge) right on the shape.
  2. Press the shape glue down on the paper.
  3. Put something heavy directly on top to weight it all down and let it dry.
  4. Take an exacto knife to cut around the shape.
  5. Paint a thin layer of elmer’s glue (or modpodge) on the top of the paper.

craft fair tableOnce you’ve got your shape(s) decorated however you like, arrange them in a pleasing manner.  I made about 8 shapes and ended up using only three of them.

Write or paint your business and your name on it.  Glue a pin or a magnet to the back, and PRESTO!  Unique, cute, functional, professionally crafty, name tag that helps you stand-out from the others.

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2 thoughts on “DIY crochet craft fair booth — Name tag

  1. For my craft show name tag, I took a piece of wood the same size as my regtangle magnets, and burned my dragon logo, my name, and my business name on it. Then drilled a hole near the center top, and hung it from a lanyard I had picked up years ago. Since I do wood burning, a name tag made in the style of my artwork makes it easier to associate me with my work. 🙂
    This is a pretty cute idea, too, though.
    You’d be surprised how many people don’t even bother wearing some sort of name tag at a show… It just makes sense, especially if you ever have the chance to walk away from your booth.

    1. I totally agree. I know that a lot of people use craft shows to gain local recognition. Without a name tag the liklihood of that happening decreases drastically.

      I really like your idea too! Makes me wish I had a wood burner myself haha!

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