Business Cards — For the Hand-made craft seller


To go along with my recent post on how to make a cute, effective, and eye-catching business card holder (HERE), here’s a post about why to have a business card, what information to include on one, and a few tips about passing them out.

Quite a few crafters (especially the online sellers) might find it a bit useless or a waste of money and time to have a business card.  I strongly disagree.  There are several reasons to have a business card.  It also might be a bit tricksy to decide what needs to be included in your business card…especially if you don’t have a physical store with a phone number, address, fax machine, all of that information that would normally be included on a business card.

How-to of Business CardsLet’s start with the basic list of “Why do I need a business card?”

  1. Get your name out there.  I’ve said it before, I’m going to say it again, selling hand-made crafts is super competitive.  Having a business card can help spread the word about who you are, and what you do.
  2. Increase the professionalism.  Professionals have business cards.  They consider what they are doing as a business.
  3. Enter raffles.  How many times have you seen fish bowls on check-out counters with a sign: “Throw in your business card for a chance to win…”?

Your convinced, you need a business card, but, you run your business online, don’t have a physical mailing address, don’t have a website, don’t want to pass out your phone number…”What information needs to be on my business card?

  • Name
  • Company’s Name
  • **What you sell**
  • A web address of some sort – etsy shop, blog, facebook page…SOMETHING
  • A reason for someone to keep your business card.  A discount code, or special deal.
  • Email address

So, you’ve got your business cards ordered and sitting on your desk and your wondering, “how do I pass out my business cards?”

  1. Include one with each order.  Someone ordered something from you (YAY), a week or two goes by, they receive the order…I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that as soon as they open the box, they forget all about you.  OR, you had a customer from Delaware order one of your products as a gift to one of their friends in Florida.
  2. Leave it with the tip at a restaurant.
  3. If someone asks about what you do (and they should), whip out your card, hand it to them, start talking about what you do.

Be proud of what you do.  The first business cards that I ever ordered (and I really think that they are worth ordering…I have found vistaprint to be the cheapest with the best quality and the most options, but there are other venues available) had font that was too small, horrible lay-out, and lacked a reason for people to keep it.  I just recently had to order some more, as I was running out of those first ones, and was able to learn from my previous mistakes.  Make use of the space that is available…don’t cram it so full of information that it is cluttered and hard to read, but make sure that you include enough information so that they know who you are, what you sell, and how to get in touch with you.

Can you think of anything else that should be added to any of these lists?  Go ahead and let me know with a comment, I’d sure love some input!

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