DIY crochet craft fair booth — business card display in 4 easy steps

DIY business card displayContinuing on in our series of a DIY crochet craft fair booth, we now come to the business card display. First question you might be asking yourself is: What does it matter how I display my business cards?  Or even more simply: What is the point of having a business card, I don’t have a physical store for people to come by, and it isn’t logical for me to use a phone number…Besides, I’ve hear that business cards are a waste of money.  Oi!  Having a business card is super important…especially in THIS business.  I’m sure that you are all getting tired of me saying how competitive crafting is, but, seriously, it is so simple to do that anyone who has a walmart and a bit of time can probably do your craft.  You need to stand apart from everyone else.  Getting your card, your name, your website/shop/blog out there is going to give a jump-start.  It is easier for someone to hand their friend a business card that is already “info-ed” up, then to say “just google *houseofwaxcreations” and maybe you’ll find it.  Having a display for your business cards that *shouts* “look at me, come take me, pass me around, talk about me” is only going to help.  (I just ordered some new business cards that are…you guessed it…PURPLE! And with much larger font that is going to be easier for people to read).

SO, there are several different ways that you can go with displaying your business cards in cute and easily accessible ways. Like I discussed earlier, it would be so easy to spend way more on this craft show (especially your first craft show) than you make back.  Making as many things yourself as you can is going to be a huge life-saver when it comes to money (just make sure that you have the time to do it all)!  You want every aspect of your display to connect back to your unifying theme and colors.  So, if you are selling crochet (or knit), you could crochet an amigurumi or plush style stand (if you are good at designing and have the time and resources). Sticking with your yarny theme, you could make (or purchase) a simple wooden stand and then wrap it in yarn.

I wanted a simple, cute, cheap, eye-popping and efficient way to display my cards, so I am going with making one. This is a quick tutorial on my yarn-wrapped rock holder.

  1. DIY business card displayThe first thing that you need are rocks. Any rocks will do, large, small, rough, smooth. My rocks are actually “drops” of hardened concrete from another home improvement project (that was actually left-over from the previous home owners). You could find some in your yard, or some gravel from the road, or you could purchase some…whatever option is going to work for you and the vision you have in your head.
  2. The second thing is to have clean rocks. Obviously if you purchased your rocks, you won’t need to clean them. And then, you can paint them. Remember, we are wanting a unified theme through color and textures. I wanted to paint my rocks white but didn’t have any white paint on hand, so they got a darker make over. Any color would look really good, or even 2-3 different colors!DIY business card display
  3. DIY business card displayThen, you wrap your rocks in yarn. A complimentary or contrasting color is going to make them really pop, but wrapping them in the same color yarn that you painted them with will be equally as cute. I did most of mine in shades of purple yarn with a few in white yarn to pull in all my accent colors. This doesn’t have to be perfect, and your rocks don’t have to be completely covered. “Imperfection adds character and personality”. Besides, if you completely cover the rocks with your yarn then you won’t be able to see the paint job!
  4. Last step is to arrange your rocks into a display stand and glue them all together. You can use a pre existing base like a wood block or brick or larger rock. I actually managed to find part of a cinder block that had a little ledge all perfect for my business cards.  And attach all of your rocks together.  I used hot glue for a quick job, but for a more permanent solution rubber cement or super glue would probably work better. Use one of your business cards for dimensions. If you want, you can also throw in a flower, butterfly, buttons, or other little accent that you would like for an extra little cuteness.

DIY business card displayNow, doesn’t that just grab your attention and say “Whoo!  Don’t forget about me!!”  Super simple, VERY cheap (I made mine out of materials that I just happened to have on hand, didn’t have to buy a thing!), and only takes about an hour or so to do (not counting in all of the time spent gathering materials, waiting for the rocks to dry after washing, for them to dry after the top half was painted, and then to dry after the second half was painted, and for the hot glue gun to heat up).

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