DIY crochet craft fair booth (part 2)


Greeting cards on display at retail.
Greeting cards on display at retail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part 1 was just covering three simple steps for participating in a craft show.  For a quick recap: Know what you are going to make, make lots of it, Create a cute and functional display, check-list of things that need to get done before the big day.  To read a more detailed guide, go ahead and click HERE!  This part, however, part 2, is going to dive into the more personal: My crochet craft fair booth!

Let’s take a step back and be a bit honest here: Preparing for a craft show can be expensive.  If you aren’t careful you can easily spend more than you make back…especially if this is your first show.  Researching for ideas and resources can be quite daunting and overwhelming…there are TONS of pictures, advice, tips, checklists…need I continue?  My goal, is to create an easily accessible catalogue of resources for your convenience.  In this post, we are going to be covering what to create and how to display everything.

So, the first thing that you need to do is decide WHAT you are going to be creating for your craft show.  Ideally, you should provide items for every age, gender, and spender.  Reasonably that isn’t always possible.  But, do try to appeal to the largest audience possible. There might be children who have $5.00 in total to spend, and there will probably be older people who have $500.00 to spend.  Try complimentary products: Necklaces and wallets, or hats and scarfs, maybe socks and gloves.

English: Nest boxes at an Arts and crafts fair...
English: Nest boxes at an Arts and crafts fair in Sonora, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another question that you have to ask yourself about what you are creating is: “Do I want to stick with my niche?” I crochet…that’s it.  There are a lot of different things that I could create in this manner, but it is a bit time-consuming.  SO, do I want to JUST sell crochet products?  For me, the answer is no…it takes too long.  There are so many crafts out there, and it is ok to expand your horizons a bit for a public showing of your products. On the other hand, if you just want to make and sell your niche (let’s take jewelry for example), that is perfectly fine too.  Most jewelry is pretty quick to make, and you can tweak it a bit to cover a wide audience (what about tie clips, or cuff links for men? That is jewelry too).

The second thing to consider is how to display your creations.  You’ve purchased your spot at the show…maybe it comes with a table or tent, maybe it doesn’t, either way, that is a VERY small space to work with.  Go up.  You want to display as many of your products as possible at one time without looking cluttered and over-crowded.  Creating a vertical surface to work with will also attract attention and your customers will LOVE that they don’t have to haunch over a table.

Look around your house…is there ANYTHING that you can use?  A book shelf can easily have it’s contents moved to the floor for a weekend while you use it (A smaller shelf can be placed on top of the table).  A garbage can can be turned upside down as a small side-table (BONUS: it can also be used to tote supplies to the show’s location).  Raid the garage, or tool shed, see if you can find any wood that can be recycled, or repurposed.  Old trophies can make for some unique displays – you could even re-paint them! End tables, coffee tables, benches, ottomans, buckets, baskets…Get creative and try to use what you already have on hand.  Cardboard boxes can be covered in paper, paint, or fabric, and can be turned upside down to be used as tables, sideways to be used as shelves, or as just a box for customers to dig in!  Maybe try to use your tools as part of your display: If you make greeting cards, bring in an old printer to use somehow.  Really, the sky is the limit (or the ceiling of the building or tent I guess) and the more creative you are, the more likely your display will attract attention.

English: Outdoor Craft Market Cardiff Summer A...
English: Outdoor Craft Market Cardiff Summer Arts & Crafts Festival located in The Friary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want your display to outshine your products.  Unify the display so as not to retract attention from what you are selling.  Use the same colors or shades of colors (paint is going to be your very best friend!), incorporate similar textures (wood, brick, fabric, I’m using yarn).  It needs to be eye-catching without being distracting.  As with everything in life: there is a fine balance to be achieved.

There a multitude of resources available through google, or etsy, or probably any other online venue that can help you brainstorm what to make and how to display it.  Do some research, get an idea, make it, and then go ahead and blog about it!  Share the link to your blog post here for some extra blogging exposure 😀

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