Crafty Contests, guest blogging, and 100th post!

This is my 100th blog post since the beginning of this blog back in April. That’s 100 posts in roughly 5 months, and I’m super exited about it! A celebration is in order! Sadly, I am not in a position to have my own crafty contest (hopefully in the future, though), but, I can do the research and make up a list of other crafting contests that you can participate in! Also, since this blog is a focus on “how to sell your crafts” and I believe that blogging can definitely boost your sales, I am also including a list of places where you can guest blog about the crafts that you do. More exposure means more readers, means more possible sales! So, without further ado, happy 100th post to EVERYONE!!!!!

Crafting contests

Guest blogging opportunities

So, there are my lists, and my celebrations handed over to you! I hope that everyone enjoys, and gets some benefit out of it all. I know that I am constantly looking for guest bloggers, and to post on other’s blogs as well. The more exposure you get, the more readers you will get…etc. Thank you for celebrating with me!!!!!!!! HAPPY 100!!!!!


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