For the bookworm (Part 1) is a relative term that I am using to involve any crafts that contain (or use) any paper product.  This can range from paper japanese lanterns, to scrap booking, to paper dolls, to decoupage.  The list is pretty extensive.  I’d even throw in origami.  Any craft that involves paper as the main medium.  That may seem like a really wide range of ideas to work from, but let’s just do some brainstorming and see what we can come up with…shall we?

Scrap booking

  • Pre-made pages
  • Pre-made books
  • Templates

Paper dolls

  • Light switch covers
  • Notebooks
  • Cell phone cases
  • Water bottles


  • Cranes (this one might be super popular though)
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • People
  • Buildings and Marketing for paper products can be really fun.  If you use recycled material, let your customers know that you are a *green* business.  People are going to want to support that.  Paper has been around for a really long time, so maybe approach your advertisement from that angle.  For business cards or flyers, use your paper-crafting method (have a business card in the shape of a paper doll, or a flyer that includes information on how to make an origami crane), have fun with it!

10 Blogging Ideas

  1. Where do you get the materials?
  2. How much time do you spend on one product?
  3. Do you ever suffer paper cuts?
  4. What kind of paper do you use?  Is it a special kind, unique manufacturing, or printing, or texture?
  5. Try a new method.  Maybe try to create your product from fabric instead of paper.  How about trying your hand at making your own paper?
  6. What materials and tools do you typically use?
  7. Chose one of your simpler (or cheaper) products and include a tutorial (use LOTS of pictures, or better yet, a VIDEO!)
  8. You can show your creation process without showing how you make it.  What steps do you use: gather the materials and tools, cut the paper, design the finished product in your head.  Be humorous with it.
  9. Write from the paper’s perspective, starting from creation all the way through the product creation and to its new home with the customer.
  10. Future goals for your business.  Where do you see your business in a year, in five years, in ten years?  What are you going to do in order to reach those goals.

Paper is a very readily available material for crafting with, and there are lots of different options and directions that you can take it in.  What sort of craft do you paper?  And what unique way do you market that craft?





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8 thoughts on “For the bookworm (Part 1)

  1. My art is primarily paper/book related. I use books from thrift stores and focus, for the most part, on pretty obscure women authors. Tonight I am trying a new project… will let you know how it goes… oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paperdolls!!!

    Glad to have found you via Ultimate Blog Challenge today!

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