For the Crafter – Intro

Craft Room
Craft Room (Photo credit: Nerissa Alford Designs)

A few days ago I had a post that was just brainstorming all of the different crafts that you can make (and sell if you so wanted).  You can view that post HERE.  I just really got to thinking about how I could go about and help all of my crafty friends that DO these crafts.  So, while my blog does focus on my journey of selling crochet, there are so many things about these other crafts that need to be touched on, and as this blog also touches on selling crafts in general, here is the intro to a 10 part series on specific qualities of each craft and different things that you should know about selling those crafts.

As a rough outline of what you can expect, I’m wanting to talk to the photographer, painter, cook, bookworm, seamstress, knitter and crocheter, smocker and embroiderer, the everything elser, and anything else that I might’ve forgotten.

Each post is going to start off with a brief description, definition, explanation, examples of what each craft is.  I want to have some ideas for these crafts as far as designing and products for selling (like brainstorming). Then I’ll include a few tips, advice, and suggestions for marketing and advertisement.  Finishing will be a list of 10 ideas that these crafters could blog about.

I would LOVE to get your input.  What sort of craft do you do that you’d like to know more about?  Or, if you have any crafty ideas that I might’ve left out that needs to be covered, let me know and I’ll throw it in there as well.

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