Super Saturday Selections – Food


selling craftsToday’s blog post has been brought to you by the number “f”.

Food.  Plants eat.  Animals eat.  Animals eat plants.  Animals eat animals  People eat.  People eat plants.  People eat animals.

A lot of what life means is based on eating.  I wasn’t able to find any statistics (not for lack of trying, though), but I’m sure that people spend an awful lot of time planning, preparing, eating, and cleaning up their meals.  Eating disorders are on the rise.  Obesity rates are soaring.  We plan our days around when meals are.  We wake up thinking about breakfast.  Even newborns dwell on the idea of food (it’s one of the four necessities/wants that they experience).

selling craftsTo add to our ever-growing fascination with food and eating, you can also purchase decorations, clothing, accessories, toys, all of a food nature.

LittleFarmersMarket has a whole lot of crochet foods.  Vegetables, tea sets, cakes, all at a VERY reasonable price for your young children to play with, or even for you to use as decorations.

Gulf Coast Cottage sells felt patterns of all sorts of toys.  While most of the products for sell here are for food, there are some pretty clever other toys as well.

selling craftsIf your looking for something that’s clever AND functional, why not check out AJSweetSoap‘s selection of soapy foods.

PreciousPatterns has some ADORABLE sewing patterns for sale.  Mostly you’ll find baby shoes, and doll patterns, but there are also bibs, bonnets, purses, and appliques (among which are the FOOD appliques).

selling crafts


Selling craftsTheKikMiniature hasn’t been open for long, so there isn’t a huge selection, but what they DO have up is SO incredible!  These could make for some awesome gag gifts as well.  Whole platters of food in miniature!  I just really love these!

You can even find food that has been photographed for some really fun prints.  Marianne LoMonaco offers lots of photography prints for purchase, and quite a few of them feature food.

selling crafts

selling craftsCuteTreats does fooded jewelry that is just so stinking cute!  Apart from being cute, they also look QUITE realistic.  Look at all the details on that little cake necklace!

This is just covering the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the way that food has been incorporated into our society and every day life APART from just preparing and eating it.  There are reality tv shows, competitions, gardening…I think you get the picture 🙂

What are some of your favorite foods to eat?

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