The types of crafts that you can do.


I have a facebook page ( where I promote, advertise, and attempt to sell my crochet pieces (*attempt* because a majority of my sales do NOT come from facebook, but rather my etsy shop).  Just recently I threw up a status asking about other crafts that some of my fans do (either as a hobby, or to sell).  And while I didn’t get a huge response, I did get enough to write this post…so, thank you to all of my incredibly awesome fans who did respond.


If you are ever “in a pickle” about what to craft (like you REALLY want to make something, but don’t know what to make), or you really want to get into the selling business but have no idea where to start, then this is definitely a good place for you to be.  Here is my list of 50+ different arts and crafts that you can do…feel free to take any of them and just fly!


Русский:Вышивка крестом
Русский:Вышивка крестом (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Scarfs
  • Capris
  • Quilts
  • Tapestries


Crayons (Photo credit: mattdoucette)




  • Clothes
  • Interior decorations
  • Exterior decorations
  • Canvasses




  • Interior walls
  • Exterior vehicles





Art (Photo credit: A.Currell)




  • Recipes
  • Chocolates
  • Snacks (like pretzels, trail mixes, popcorn)
  • Play dough


Polymer clay


Paper working


  • Dolls
  • Lanterns
  • Tissue paper flowers
  • Decoupage
  • Scrap booking
  • Mache


A table of knitting and crochet
A table of knitting and crochet (Photo credit: Grant Neufeld)


Duct tape


  • Dresses
  • Other clothing
  • Wallets
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry




  • Soap
  • Candles
  • Chocolates
  • Crayons


A Bit of Sun, By My Lovely Wife (Explore #314,...
Image by Puzzler4879 via Flickr


Bundled Packages (gift baskets)


  • For the new mother – Nursing cover, Nursing pads, Healing creams, Pampering item
  • For the busy toddler – Board book, Notepad, Crayons, Small car/dinosaur/puppy/kitten
  • Back to school – Crayons, Paper, Hand sanitizer
  • Newly wed – Bottle of wine, Massage oils, Candles


With beads






  • Patterns
  • Tutorials


English: Liz Brimson, scanned image. I made it.
English: Liz Brimson, scanned image. I made it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ANYTHING that can be personalized




  • DIY kits (includes directions, and everything needed to make it)
  • Specially designed fabrics
  • Dyed clothing
  • Specialized tools of the trade


Holiday-specific crafts


  • Christmas
  • St. Patty’s day
  • Valentines
  • New years
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween


Play dough
Play dough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  • Bows
  • Tutus
  • Buttons
  • Elastic


And this is just the list that came off the top of my head in about 20 minutes.  With some real brainstorming and digging, I’m sure that you can come up with a much greater and more in-depth list of all of the abundance of things that you can craft.  If you have any more ideas out there, I’d most certainly love to hear about them!





4 thoughts on “The types of crafts that you can do.

  1. An excellent and useful article.
    Most of my craft I do for charity and I’ve found there’s quite a gap in yarn craft items (crochet, knitting, etc) that are interesting to younger guys. It’s amazing how quickly crocheted iPod covers sell if they’re in sports team colours, or knitted dishcloths sell if marketed for cleaning the inside of cars.

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