Facebook Contest

I’ve had some bad luck with facebook contests in the past (Just click HERE).  However, this one is so simple and easy, and I am determined for it to fail at failing 😀  All you got to do is come up with a cute caption for a photo, and comment *UNDER* the photo on my facebook page.  Then, you go back and “vote” for your favorites (Just like the comments to vote for them).  You can also share the picture and get your friends to vote for your comment as well!  I just started it, and have had much more participation than I normally do!  But seriously, go check it out, you could win a free product from me (a few of which are pictured below!).

Crocheted Photo Prop     Crocheted Photo Prop     Crocheted Photo Prop

Go and see what’s for sale right now in my shop! (Hint: Click the picture)


Join up with me on facebook for great deals, sneak peaks, and exclusive offers!


And don’t forget to *LEAVE A COMMENT* share this post, and follow this blog for more great tips, advice, suggestions, and personal examples in the world of selling hand-made crafts (but especially crochet!).


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