Super Sunday Selections – Cool Etsy Finds


Every now and then I like to do Super Saturday Selections where I feature some really unique and creative products that I find on Etsy.  Well, yesterday I was just too exited about everything that had happened during the weekend (150 fb likes, completion of my new product line, and the listing of my very first crochet pattern), so it was put on hold.  Thankfully for me, Sunday also starts with an S so I can keep my aliteration going (SSS).

Super Saturday SelectionsEternalSunshine makes homemade soaps shaped like owls, some adorable crochet food products, a few crochet knit patterns, but what I want to focus on is her crocheted traffic cones.  Oh man, these are so clever!  Who would’ve ever thunk to crochet up a traffic cone and stick a hat ontop of them?  So, this shop gets first place today in creativity.

Super Saturday SelectionsSecond on my list for today is Jasmin T Creations.  This shop makes a whole bunch of different accessories, from hair to fashion, but my favorite (and I have never seen these before) are the iphone dust plugs.  Not only are they functional, but oh so cute to boot!

In keeping things short and sweet tonight running with the bronze is Beach Writings NJ for these incredibly creative photography inspired products.  Something so simple, yet so un-attainable and unforgettable to a lot of people.

Super Saturday Selections          Super Saturday Selections          Super Saturday Selections

So there you have it.  Super *SUNDAY* Selections of three really cool shops that you should go and check out.  Tomorrow should be my last part on “Lessons from a Road Trip” (Part 5 I think), so check back in to see how a road trip with two toddlers and an infant can teach you about being an entrepreneur (I’m just as exited as you should be, because I don’t know what I will learn tomorrow!)

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