New and Exiting!

Wooh, what an exiting weekend it has been!

facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

To start things off, I FINALLY got to 150 “likes” on my facebook page.  That means there’s a giveaway contest coming up soon.  I’m still researching that, but if you want in on the action, go like my facebook page!

Lee's depiction of DC Comics' Superman and Batman.
Lee’s depiction of DC Comics’ Superman and Batman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, after two weeks of working my creative brain to the max, I managed to design and create 6 DC superhero costumes/props (with the understanding that I am in no way affiliated with DC comic books).  So, I’m pretty exited about those.  They are going to be sent off to a profesional photographer on Tuesday (no sneak peaks on here, but you can check those out on my facebook page as well).

Newborn Crochet Pattern
Newborn Crochet Pattern for Batman Cape, hat, and logo

And finally, I’ve got my first pattern written up and listed in my Etsy shop!  Right now, it’s just a newborn sized Batman cape, hat, and logo, but the other sizes will be coming soon.  And Superman will also be coming soon (because that’s really similar).

I’m actually wanting to sell more patterns (especially of the superheroes) then finished products.  I really think that it’s going to take a lot of stress and pressure off of me (especially when it comes to hitting deadlines and custom orders and rush orders).  Raising three small children, managing a house, and trying to balance life as “the preacher’s wife” is pretty busy and exiting in and among itself.

So, not the post that I had purposed to write about today, but definitely something that I just HAD to share because I am super exited about all of these things!  So, Super Saturday Selections has been moved to Super *Sunday* Selections this week 😛

Go and see what’s for sale right now in my shop! (Hint: Click the picture)

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