Making Macaroni and Cheese – To Illustrate a Business?

Home made macaroni and cheese, with some dried...
Home made macaroni and cheese, with some dried herbs and grounded pepper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was wracking my brain all day to come up with a helpful and uniquely perspective blog post.  My inspiration came to me as I was fixing my children lunch (well, as I was fixing the older two lunch, the youngest doesn’t eat any solid foods yet).  I’m sure you can guess from the title what one of the pieces of this meal was: Mac -n- cheese.  There are steps involved in macaroni and cheese and these steps can be applied to entrepreneurs.  So, here we go.

  1. Get out the box.  That’s sort of a no-brainer there.  But seriously, if you don’t have the mac n cheese to begin with, how are you suppose to cook and then eat it?  Well, find the marketplace.  If there isn’t a marketplace for the product, it is not going to sale regardless of however hard you work at it.
  2. Boil the water.  Any pasta that you make (even if you are one of these super snobby cooks that makes their own pasta) is going to have to be boiled.  Set up your shop.  Whether you are online or have a physical store front, there needs to be a place where you can put everything together in an organize fashion.
  3. Add in the noodles.  It’s gotta cook.  Boiling water all day is going to do squat for mac n cheese if the box of noodles just sits there beside it.  Application: Offer the products.  Have your prices set up, have your contact information readily available, let your customer see the products that you have to offer.
  4. Drain the noodles.  I guess this one is optional, depending on how much water you boiled, or how soupy you like your mac n cheese.  And this application is also optional: weed out the non-selling items.  If it isn’t selling, or doesn’t have any interest, you are wasting your time on it.  Drain it out, move on.
  5. Frozen macaroni & cheese, packaging and product
    Frozen macaroni & cheese, packaging and product (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Mix up the cheese sauce.  I like to throw my noodles in the strainer and let them cool off for a bit (my son is a bit picky about the temperature of his foods), put the milk/butter/cheese in the pot that is still on the oven and cook those down to the perfect creaminess.  This is where the yummy smells start to play a role on your senses.  Advertise and market your business.  Appeal to customer’s sense and let them know that your business exists.

  6. Mix the ingredients together, throw it all in a bowl (or plate), and eat.  This one has an easy application: enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how it all comes together to form a magnificent creation that you can reap the benefits of.  Although with mac n cheese, you are only reaping those benefits for about an hour, maybe a little bit longer depending on how much of it you eat.  This 6 step process when applied to your business will have you reaping benefits for several days, months, hopefully even years (if you keep at it).

I know that there are a ton of recipes out there for mac n cheese and each of them includes their own set of steps.  We each have our favorites.  I use the boxed stuff for my kids because it’s cheap, simple, and they’ll eat it.  How do you make Macaroni and Cheese?

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4 thoughts on “Making Macaroni and Cheese – To Illustrate a Business?

  1. I like your analogy between cooking up a box of mac and cheese and “cooking” up a business. Thank you for stopping by my blog – glad to see another Ultimate blog challenge participant that loves crochet as much as I do. 🙂

    1. This is actually my third time to participate in the UBC and the first time that I’ve run across another “crafter” to share with! Thanks so much for your comment too!!!

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