Why are you in the Business?

Urban Craft Uprising
Urban Craft Uprising (Photo credit: bre pettis)

If you are a writer, or a crafter, or a small business owner of any kind, I’m sure you’ve been asked that question: “Why?”  Well, you can answer that in any one of four ways, and all of them are perfectly fine.

  1. To earn a living.  Some people do it.  Personally, I don’t know how they do it, but I think they are awesome for being able to do it.  It’s possible, oh is it possible!
  2. To supplement my income.  I think that this is why most people do it.  They make a little bit of extra during their free time to be able to afford a few extra amenities and luxuries.  (Or in my case, to help pay off those ever lingering student loans).
  3. So that I an keep doing it.  They sell their crafts at just the right price so that they can keep crafting.  They make enough money to buy supplies.  These are the ones that truly enjoy crafting *just* for the crafting purpose.  I think that’s pretty awesome, although these are the ones that make the marketplace so darned competitive for the rest of us 😛
  4. Because I want to.  That’s a pretty simple reason.  When we are younger we are told, “you can do anything that you want to.”  So, why not?  Maybe it’s been offered to you as a challenge and you are rising to prove to others that you can do it.

There really isn’t a right or wrong answer.  And truth be told, it really doesn’t matter to anyone else why you are doing it.  So long as you enjoy what you are doing and you are coming to the results that you want.  It might be a good idea to decide on why you are doing it before you start, that way you can judge your success and where you need to change things as needed.

So, let me ask once again, why do you sell your crafts?

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