Highlighting good Photographers and what makes them so good.

I highly recommend that you check out my other post about the importance of good photos for the online craft seller (click HERE to go THERE).  In that post, I touch on the reasons to have good photos, How to take good photos yourself, Some tips and advice for good photos, and the three types of photos that need to be included with each listing.  Definitely a good read over there 😀

I guess you could say that I cheat a little bit when it comes to getting good photos of my products, because I actually send some of my products out to professional photographers and let them do the photography.  It makes sense: they have all the equipment, access to little models, and are the experts in their fields.  After all, I am a crafter, not a photographer.  So on that note, I’d like to send kudos to every photographer that has done shoots for me.

crochet photo prop    crochet photo prop    crochet photo prop    crochet photography prop    crochet photo prop

Andreia Rice is the first person I ever sent anything to.  I had so much fun with her saying that I was sending stuff to “my photographer”.  I don’t think that she’s doing newborn shots anymore, but she does do family, engagement, wedding, senior, and children sessions.  She did all the photos you see above for me, and aren’t those all just precious?!  She does so well to work with what has been given to her.  Amazing lighting, excellent angles that really show off the children, and simple backdrops to keep things sweet and in perspective.  She was also really good about sending me a couple of different shots of each product instead of just one.

HDPhotography did my first newborn props.  I think that she does AMAZING work overall.  I think that she’s in the process of changing her focus to couples, engagement, and wedding photos, but she still does some pretty creative kid shots every now and then.  You can see the products that she did for me below.

crochet newborn photo prop     crochet prince or princess crown or tiara     crochet newborn photo prop     crochet newborn photography

Ambers 3 Angels is actually a student photographer who is so stinking creative with all the props that are given to her. I really love that she uses a different model for each prop even though I sent her like 5 newborn props.  She’s really good at making the props work even when they’ve been designed poorly (don’t look too closely at the mermaid, haha!  It needs some work before I’m ready to sell it).  You can see the shots that she’s done for me below (or at least the ones that she’s done so far, I think that there are still a few that she’s working on).

crochet newborn prop          crochet mermaid tail           crochet batman

Justice League LogosI am in the process of working up some products to be sent out to CBK Photography.  She’s been kind and brilliant enough to get together **6 BABIES** to have a session with my stuff.  I cannot explain how exited I am for this oppurtunity!  Anyways, there’s a little teaser photo to the right that you can wonder about 😀

And then a friend of mine took advantage of one of my offers (free photo props in exchange for the photos – on all props that I had not previously worked up).  So, you can see what she did below (just keep in mind that she did all of these props on a newborn although only the bumblebee was made for a newborn.  This mermaid is for 3 months and the owl is for 6 months.)

crochet photo prop     crochet mermaid tail     crochet newborn

These photographer’s have given me both motivation and inspiration to create amazing products for them to use, and the incredible photos to show off not only their talents, but mine as a seller as well.  If you get the chance to get product photography from a professional, I would definitely recommend taking it.  They are giving my shop name to their clients, I get awesome photos to use, and it’s just a win-win situation all around.  Much thanks to all of these, and the ones that will be in the future as well, I wouldn’t be half as successful in my business without all of you! 😀

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