How can a blog increase business – plus some blogging topics

selling craftsIf you are aiming to do things correctly in this craft-selling business, then you have your website, and your social media page (or 2, or 3 if your really on track!), and your online shop, but maybe your still lagging on the blog frontier.  You don’t know how to blog about selling your craft without offering free tutorials and patterns.  Or maybe you don’t want to overwhelm your customers and readers with promoting yourself constantly.  Whatever your excuse for not blogging yet, it’s just an excuse.  There are actually several reasons and several things that you can blog about that can help your business.

Reasons to blog on a regular basis

  • REGULAR being a key word.  Regular brings in the traffic, brings in the viewers, encourages subscribers, gets people involved and interested.
  • Increases awareness of your product.  You are actively talking about what you are doing, it isn’t just “oh, here’s another product, another deal”.  This is going to increase your SEO rankings and chances of showing up in search engines.
  • If you don’t already have a website, this is a cheaper and faster alternative.
  • Creates a brand and a “voice” for your business and logo.  Adds personalization and character to what and who your little business is.
  • Become an expert in your field.  You want for people to come to you for advice, suggestions, tips.  These people are going to recognize you as an expert and will tell their friends who want the best quality products.
  • Interaction with your customers.  OOOOHH!  Yes, there are social medias for this, but blogging can inspire your customers in ways that twitter certainly doesn’t!  You can get feedback, questions, suggestions, and inspiration from your customers through a blog.
  • Selling CraftsPersonality.  One of the perks of hand-made crafting is the person behind the craft.  A blog will show your potential customers that you aren’t just another machine cranking out identical products all day long.
  • ANOTHER artistic outlet.  If you are selling hand-made crafts, then you are an artistic person.  Maybe not in every aspect in your life, but as far as this little craft is concerned, you are an artist.  Expand that artistic creativity a little bit further.  Show your following that your art is your life and your brand is part of you and is not limited to anything.  It will spark interest and curiosity.
Alright, so now that you have roughly half a dozen REASONS to blog, I’m sure your now wondering, “ok, what can a blog about?” There is the obvious blog topic of new products.  However, it is encouraged that you highly limit these self promotion type posts because readers will get bored and they seriously don’t want to read about that week after week.  So, here are a few options, and you can go in any direction that you see appropriate.

Topics to blog about

  • Basic Policies.  If you already have a huge following, this is a great place to put your policies so people can see it easily.  These are so often overlooked, and even if you have a website page dedicated to just this, I would bet that a majority of your customers have never even glanced over them.  I would even venture to spread them out and have a different post per policy (but not all back to back, maybe spread them out over a few weeks or even months): shipping, return, international, any other policies that you might have/need.
  • Where do the proceeds go?  Does a portion go to a charity?  Are you selling your hand-made goods just to fund your crafting, or do you use it to pay bills (in my case student loans).  Is it a supplement to your income, or your main source of income?
  • Selling craftsHow do you create?  This would be a great topic if you have a really crazy craft, or an insane method of putting it together.  You don’t necessarily have to include the details that would go in a tutorial, but give a little insight.
  • A day in the life.  If you are like me, and have three crazy children a pretty large house to maintain, an old dog, and VERY limited funds, where do you find the time and the resources to mange your crafting and your business?
  • New products.  Get your customers exited about what you have to offer.  Build up anticipation, offer sneak peaks and little hints.  Have a date for release and tell them when it is.  Have fun and your readers will too.
  • Ask for suggestions.  Many customers are looking for something specific when they search on the internet.  Get some of those specifics from your readers.
  • Start a discussion.  I’m sure that you will eventually acquire some subscribers who aren’t interested in buying, but more in the inspiration and motivation that you offer them.  Don’t leave these guys out, ask them what their favorite method of creating is.  Another perk of the crafting world is that so many people do it for fun more than to earn a profit (like you are), so ask them, what are THEY creating this week?
  • Long term business goals.  Are you wanting to increase your production rate, what are your plans for doing that?  Are you looking to hire someone to help you pick up outstanding orders that are becoming too much for you.  Maybe you want to move your craft to a studio by the end of the year, how are you going about that?  And then keep your readers up-to-date on how you are coming along on those goals.
  • Post your SWOT analysis, let customers know what YOU think are the best qualities of your product, but also include the bad qualities and ideas for improving on those.
  • What are you doing to increase your expertise?  Are you taking a class at hobby lobby?  Maybe you found a community college course?
  • What have you learned from your experience?
  • Talk about some challenge or obstacle that you are (or already have) overcoming.
  • Selling CraftsGet creative, create a video blog about something.  I must admit that I am still working on this one…this will actually be stepping out of my own comfort zone (putting a face to my name), but more people watch videos than read blogs (or so I read somewhere), so it could help.
  • New “toys”, or in this case tools or materials.  Let your readers know when you purchased new materials.  This will let them know that either you are coming up with some new products, or are fixing to restock, or maybe vamping up the quality of your products.
  • How did you learn to do this craft?
  • How about a blog post in 3-4 different parts.  Break it up.  Give potential readers a reason to subscribe, sort of like a “stay tuned to hear more”!  Of course this will only work if the first part is exiting and riveting.
  • Famous people who also do your craft.  Actors/Athletes/Singers, I’m sure that at least a few of them do your craft as a hobby (unless you have a super outlandish craft).
  • What percentage of your resources and time is spent on what.  Like I spend about 5% of my profit on supplies, or 30% of my available time on designing new products.
  • Selling CraftsWhere do you get inspiration and motivation for new products, for new methods of creating?
  • The movers and shakers of your craft.  Highlight the big names (don’t forget to tag those names, that will also drive traffic).  Include a short biographical sketch (too long and people aren’t as inclined to read it).
  • A tour of your work station.  Include pictures, or a video if possible!
  • A post of testimonials.  What are customers saying about your products and your service?
  • Your craft in the news.  Surely somewhere, in the history of newspapers, there has been a story revolving around your craft.  Find it, talk about it.
  • Throw in a tutorial.  Maybe an easy one, one that doesn’t make you a lot of profit.  Readers will LOVE it.

That’s roughly a score of ideas there.  I’m sure that out of those you can find one or two topics that strike your fancy.  I would love to hear of any ideas that you have on blogging about your craft.  I would also appreciate a linkback if you choose to write on any of these topics, I most certainly would like to read your spin on them!

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13 thoughts on “How can a blog increase business – plus some blogging topics

    1. I know that when researching for blog topics I often come up short in the “what do crafters blog about?” idea, so I did some major brainstorming here 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment.

  1. Your idea of a studio or work station tour (I could see this working either as a video or still shots) is brilliant! There are so many people that would appreciate what you do more by seeing how and where you do it.

    1. The whole idea behind a blog is personality and what better way to show that then by showing people where and how you work your art? Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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