Latino Children Play Swing
Latino Children Play Swing (Photo credit:

Having a cause.  Knowing that all of your hard work can go to benefit someone else.  Not being selfish.  Giving back to the community.  Encourage others to help in whatever way that they can.  Creating an outlet for others to help.  Serving God in some little ways.

Products to a service (redcross, special olympics), for a fundraiser (in my case Sacred Selections Adoption aid), or a portion of proceeds.  For a sepcific friend/family member, a similar situation (close to your heart), or just to do something nice.

There are countless reasons, methods, ways that you can participate in a charity or fundraiser.  Some may argue that it isn’t logical to do this because you lose revenue/profit.  Some may argue that you need to do this, because of ethical or moral obligations.  I’ve heard some argue that it’s a good idea to do this because it might increase sales, giving others an extra reason to purchase your product apart from the idea that they just like it.

texas our texas
texas our texas (Photo credit: jmtimages)

Whatever your reason, method, way, or argument, that isn’t really my concern for this particular post.  Once again, I’m diving into the realm of “personal” to tell you a story.

There are these three sibblings.  A boy, aged 5, another boy, aged 4, and a little girl, aged 2.  I don’t know their story, really haven’t even bothered to ask.  All I know is that they need to be adopted, and there is a Christian couple going through the process to do just that.  I’m sure you’ve heard rumored that adopting one child is super expensive.  I imagine the cost is equivalent to having a baby yourself, except without insurance and more hoops to jump through (with name changes, legal stuff, attorneys, getting other tedious things taken care of).  So, adopting three children is sort of like paying for college (again, without the student loans).

Every year, there is a fundraising event held in the western TN area, and this year, their goal is to help this couple adopt these three adorable (and happy) children.  Seeing as I am located in the western TX area (notice that one letter change that makes the difference from Tennessee to Texas), I donated some items to be auctioned off.  It really wasn’t much, an estimated equivalent of $100.  Stuff from my inventory that I never expected to sell anyways (Since I do mostly made-to-order, most of my inventory is examples of stuff that I can make with the options of size and colors).  6 products that are pictured below.

However, in a situation like this, every little bit helps.  And along with my contribution, this fundraiser was able to raise over $20,000 (the goal was $18,000)!  I don’t know how much my products were able to help, don’t know if they were auctioned off at their normal selling price.  But frankly, does it really matter?  Three incredible children are now being given the opportunity to be part of a God-fearing family with a better hope for the future.

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