Lessons from a roadtrip – Part 3

The Great American Road Trip
The Great American Road Trip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My little family had been taking an awful lot of roadtrips lately.  There is the 8 hours that Beetle drove us to meet my parents, and then the other 8 hours that my parents drove us to get to their house.  With two toddlers and an infant, that 16-hour drive sure was a riot!  At least once each week that we have been here (going on three today), we have taken a 2-3 hour trip to enjoy some local attractions for the kids.  Just this weekend, my parents drove over to see my grandparents (roughly 5 hours one way), again with two toddlers and an infant.  They seem to be getting used to the car travel, though, because there was far less screaming this time than there was in the previous trips.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about some lessons that the 16-hour road trip with two toddlers and an infant taught me about business.  (Part – 1 and Part – 2)  Well, all the time spent in the car, trying to creatively entertain children has taught me a few more lessons that I just had to share.

Repetition is learning and retention.  2-yr-old Grasshopper has been given three opportunities to watch a leap frog video on the sounds that letters make (The Letter Factory).  Having had no previous exposure to being taught letters or their sounds, he can now identify about half of them (and tell you their sounds).  If you are learning something new, you need to repeat and review until you retain (I just made that up, but it’s catchy, no?).


English: A little girl leaning against a sofa.
English: A little girl leaning against a sofa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It takes time to get used to new things.  Prior to that 16-hour trip, the longest my larvae had ever been in the car at one time was an hour. They simply weren’t used to it.  6-mo-old Ladybug screamed almost nonstop that first trip, refusing to fall asleep.  Now, she is getting accustomed to it, and this last trip, she slept when she needed to and played with a toy nicely when she didn’t.  I’m sure we’ve all heard how it takes 30 days to form a habit (and even longer to break one).  So, whatever you are doing, allow yourself the time to adjust to the changes.

We are scheduling another road trip pretty soon.  The 16-hour-drive that it will take to return to our home and to Beetle.  So, I’m expecting to have at least one more “lessons from a road trip” post.  Go ahead and subscribe so that you wont miss it!  And as always, tanks for reading.  This blog would be squat without its incredible followers.

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