Ultimate Blog Challenge (July 2012)

I might be crazy, but I need to motivation and the accountability that a blog challenge brings, so while I just finished up the Author blog challenge, I am now starting on the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

newborn photoJust to recap the purpose and point of this blog for new readers:  I write about selling hand-made crafts (either online or otherwise), with tips, advice, suggestions, ideas, interviews, examples, or anything else that I can think of.  My specific focus is on my own journey to sell crochet hats and newborn photo props through Etsy and Facebook.

I usually have “Super Saturday Selections” which showcases motivations, idea inspirations, or cool hand-made products.  I also like to do “Telling Tuesdays” to interview other crafters or get advice from them or whatever they would like to offer for you!

Seeing as I’m just finishing up a blog challenge, I’m running a bit low on ideas, so I can’t give specifics on what you should expect from this next blog challenge just yet.  But you can know that it will be useful, educational, helpful, and about selling crafts.

Go and see what’s for sale right now in my etsy shop! (Hint: Click the picture)


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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Challenge (July 2012)

  1. What fun to blog and share your creative talents! My brother is about to have a baby and mama’s favorite shower gift was the little tightly-crocheted striped beanie with flaps and ties that dangle below the ears that I got for baby. SOO-ooo cute! In Joy, Dewi

    1. Hats for newborns are such a good idea for so many reasons, and it’s a plus to have a cute one! Thank you so much for your comment.

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