Sharing, Learning, and Focusing

(day 28 abc)

One of the reasons that I love the blogging and crafting industries is the openness that we all experience in helping each other and learning from each other.  That is also one of the focus points of this blog, I want to help you, no strings attached.  The only way that I can do that, is if you let me know how.  So, I’m doing an experiment, a new type of blog post, in an attempt to help you more.  It’s a form, simply fill in your name, your website‘s url, and the marketplace that you focus on (mine would be “crochet hats and newborn photo props”).  I will find a way to write something useful that is targeted to your marketplace, and will probably feature your website on more than a few occasions (obviously, my followers are going to get chosen FIRST).  Don’t be shy, it’s like free advertisement on your part and I get to do something that I really enjoy, helping others 😀

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