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(day 27 abc)

I don’t have a huge following.  Just started this blog back in April.  But I do have more than I would’ve expected.  Also, being a participant in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and the Author Blog Challenge and being encourage to write daily and to network with others has really helped in growing my following.  This blog would be positively useless without my followers, and so I just MUST send a shout out to all of them.  (All links will take you to that person’s available sites, feel free to click and check it out!)

My very first follower was A-Hem Vintage.  She has an etsy shop that was opened back in December of 2008 selling some pretty cute and chic clothing as well as some home decor products and purses and bags to name a few.  She has 679 *likes* on facebook (go ahead and like her page too!).  So, good job A-Hem Vintage!!!

Department56Collectibles doesn’t have any links set up on gravatar, but I still offer the shout-out and the thanks for reading and following!

I have a follower from Holland!!  Welcome to Turkischland from Amsterdam.  You can follow him on twitter @Turkischrealboy.

familybugsXocolatchic is a follower that I picked up from the Ultimate Blog Challenge back in April when I started this blog.   She sells some really AMAZING chocolate from her website that I seriously have to recomend (I’ve tasted it before, seriously!).  Also, flit on over to her blog to check out some other information about her!

From the Netherlands is Codiart!  She blogs about some VERY creative and beautiful textile art that she does.  She’s also got a website that features all of her incredible artwork.

familybugs creationsA few weeks ago I started the C25K running program (didn’t get very far because of recuring injuries), but I picked up a few followers by trying to connect to bloggers in THAT niche:  KevsFatFight is pretty inspirational and encouraging to read, and ButIRunLikeAGirl also started following my blogging.

I got one follower who just seemed to have stumbled across my blog, and during a slow period for me as well!  TexanasKitchen also has a wordpress blog about food!  What better topic to write about?!

family bugs creationsNow I’m getting on to the people who found out about me through the Author Blog Challenge.  These guys are in a league all their own…truly incredibly and inspiring people right here!  BernBabyBern is from BlahBlahBlog where she’s got over 1,000 followers of her own!

JustCoopIt is an author who has some really inspiring ideas just itching to get out.  You can find him over at his blog and on twitter (@JustCoopIt).

family bugs creations blogFrom Australia is the really exiting GhostNapped!  It sounds like Ashley Howland has written AND published a great mystery novel that I’m just itching to get my hands on.  You can read a synopsis from her blog, and then she’s also got a video blog that is pretty cool to check out.

Tobicai teaches chinese in the philipines (isn’t that cool?) and she’s also got a nifty little blog that I encourage you to check out.

Michele is a writer, musician, human-animal bond researcher, liberal, public servant, PhD candidate, animal lover, 12 stepper, and General Hospital (GH) fan.  She’s got a website about music and a blog about her writing.  Pretty inspirational stuff if you ask me.

family bugs blogSingle dad and writer Slapppshot has a blog all about the snazzy and encouraging things of his life and writings.

Shout out to Anarty who started following this blog just a week ago.

Photo, film, video, animation, writing, drawing, painting, poetry, art, travel, and web is just a few of the things that ooa revo writes about.  You can check out some pretty awesome artwork, or follow along on travels across America on a couple of different blogs.

The ever gorgeous stampatagliacrea also just started following a few days ago.

Books & Art – Spirit & Soul is all about importing inspiration.  How creative is that?!  Lesley is very accomplished and to even attempt to list all of her works on here would simply not do any justice.  Just click on the link and check it out for yourself!

I also seem to have attracted the attention of new blogger Roar Sweetly who likes to photograph her sweet offspring (who doesn’t?), write, craft, and cook.

familybugs blogiamzion is a writer and single father of three (two of which have “left the nest” and are in college).  I just LOVE his username.

And, if you have stuck with me so far, give yourself a pat on the back.  It has paid off because I’m at my most recent follower: Susan.  She seems to be part of this really awesome publishing company that could be of service to the authors out there that are reading this.

I just want to say thank you to all of my incredible followers and readers.  Like I stated above, this blog would be *nothing* without all of you guys 🙂  I also have a few email subscribers whom wont be listed because I don’t have any other information about them except for their email address.

And because this particular post is meant to highlight and showcase my followers and not me, I’m not even going to include my website and facebook links today.


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    1. Thanks so much for the pinning, Alana. I was actually out of blogging ideas (need to spend some time getting stocked back up), and what is a blog without followers?

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